The Love That We Share

Lizie was just a normal teenager, until she goes on her senior trip to the UK. While there she runs into the one and only "One Direction". Little did she know that when she became a little more than friends with Harry Styles that it would take her places she had never been. Even if they mean getting her into serious trouble with the law.


5. Sight Seeing

Chapter 5

Lizzie's P.O.V.-

After we had gotten as settled as possible in our rooms, Mrs. Spaulding announced that today we would start on our sight-seeing. Hopefully the sights would look better than our "hotel". We all piled into, what you would expect to be red, but blue bus. Only Mrs. Spaulding can hail a BLUE bus in the one place where they're all red. Once we were off and no longer near our horrible living quarters I made sure to shake out all of my things so I could make sure there was no bugs in them. Because no one knew what could have been there. And the last thing I wanted was to see a bug crawling through my purse. Our first stop was Big Ben. It was beautiful, just how I had imagined it, but ya know real. We all gathered in front of it to take an all-American tourist picture. We did get a few dirty looks from those that actually lived there though. I can imagine how annoyed they get from tourists. I know I do at Myrtle Beach. Once we had done a little shopping and were on the way to have lunch, I checked my phone. Two texts from mom and a stupid junk email. Yeah I wasn't that popular. We all decided to walk to the cafe we had decided upon. When we were so close I could just barely smell the wonderful food, I was knocked to the ground by this guy. He was tall and muscular but I could really see his face. The group had been ahead of me so they didn't see our whole scene. He gave me a hand up and started to apologize, "I'm so sorry I wasn't paying attention and I just, I just kinda... ran straight into you.", he said with a thick British accent. I smiled at his stumbling for words. It was cute. He had been looking down and when he was done he looked into my eyes with these gorgeous green orbs. They were the purist green I had ever seen in my life. After a second I realized I had been staring into his eyes for quite a while and opened my mouth to speak. "It's fine really, it was probably my fault anyway.", I said trying not to stare again. He looked at me with a grin, "You aren't from here are you?". "No, I'm from the US.", I relied. "Well, I've always wanted to have a gorgeous American girl like you for lunch, would you care to join me?", he asked cheekily. "Umm I would but I'm going to lunch with a group of friends", I said sadly. Because I really, REALLY wanted to have lunch with him. "Well maybe we can reschedule, may I call you tonight?", he said. "I'd love that", I said with a smile. We exchanged numbers and we said goodbye. Once he had walked away, I realized I had found a British boy.

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