The Love That We Share

Lizie was just a normal teenager, until she goes on her senior trip to the UK. While there she runs into the one and only "One Direction". Little did she know that when she became a little more than friends with Harry Styles that it would take her places she had never been. Even if they mean getting her into serious trouble with the law.


2. Airport Adventure

Chapter 2

Lizzie's P.O.V.-

I'd packed, checked my packing, and checked it again. I was ready. I set my alarm clock for 6:30 and got ready for bed. I had to make it to the airport by 8:00 and meet everybody else before we boarded our 8:15 to London. I hope this trip turns out good, maybe if it does I can go to college over there. I'm smart enough for some of the top schools over there, all I need is to send my application and hope for a yes. But that's a long time from now. As I climbed into bed and got comfortable I fell asleep to the thought of living in London for four years...

~the next morning~

SHIT!!!! I slept through my alarm! Ugh now I need to hurry. I've got five minutes till I need to be in my car and on the way to the airport. As I ran past my mirror, jumping into my skinny jeans at the same time, I realized I had only a few choices...

A - Show up and scare the hell out of every child, man, and woman in the whole airport...

B - Wear huge sunglasses....

C - Spend my last three minutes on makeup instead of peeing....


D - Call Evelyn and hope to God she has stand-by makeup on hand.

I chose option D and decided to text her instead seeing how I didn't have time, to let her know of my ordeal. Two seconds after I had sent it, I got a reply. Saying she'd be ready for me when I got there. Okay one problem solved. Now the next is getting into my car and getting to the airport. This step would be way easier if I had decided to not pack MY ENTIRE CLOSET. Five minutes later, which has put me behind schedule, I'm pulling out of my drive way, have said goodbye to Mom, and now trying to put my other Ugg on and drive at the same time. Yeah I know, that may not be "safe" but it's better than running barefoot through the airport. Not that many people won't be doing that. Due to me living in South Carolina. Yeah, that's where I'm from, don't judge me. So once both Uggs are on, and I can see the main building's roof line, I don't hold back on the gas. For a split second I felt like Speed Racer or something. Well until I hit the curb that is. I was doing fine until I came up onto the turn to the parking lot. I hit the unforgiving curb and stopped. But only for a second, because after thinking my little Escape had a good chance at making it across the thing. I gunned it again. Only to have a sweet looking woman in a minnie van give me the bird once I got over it. Not taking the time to roll my window down and tell her to fuck off. I just cracked my window, yelled it rather loudly and kept on going. I skidded into a spot, unpacked my closet from the back, and booked it. Making it just in time for Mrs. Spaulding to check my name off last and rush me onto the plane.

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