Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


23. They're.............

Harry's pov)
All night Aubrey was tossing and turning which caused me to get no sleep. At About 6:30 in the morning she jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I heard her vomiting so I ran into her. I rubbed her back and held her hair back. After about 10 minutes she hoped up and brushed her teeth. "Never eating a chicken wrap again" she laughed laying on the bed." Yeah you don't look to good baby" I said sitting up. She just clutched her stomach and started groaning. I pulled her shirt up just enough that her stomach was exposed and I started rubbing it. I have probably been rubbing her stomach for a good 20 minutes now but it's worth it. Aubry has now been asleep for a good hour, me on the other hand not so much sleep. I grabbed out my phone and decided I'd message the guys. 

Group chat 
(Louis, Liam, Niall,Zayn and Harry)

Harry: hey anyone up?

Louis: uh duh it's 10 in the morning here....

Liam: why are you wake?

Harry: Aubrey isn't well :/

Niall: oooo someone got lucky! ;) 

Harry: yeah :) but I think she has good poisoning .

Zayn: uh hellooo I'm in this chat! I don't want to know what my baby sister is doing with you 😳

Louis: What if she is preggo?

Harry: nothing. well, I wouldn't treat her any different but I doubt she is. 

Liam: good because if you were to leave her you'd be dead 🔫

Niall: got that right! 

* Becca has now joint your conversation*


Harry: nothing geeze she just has food poisoning 

Becca: I'm gonna be an aunty! 

Harry: no well I don't know but shhh ☝️

Louis: Oo look out Harry's using emojis, things are getting pretty serious.

Harry: oh shh you! I have to go Aubrey's waking up bye

Louis: cya 

Zayn: toodles 

Liam: bye Harry, tell Aubrey I love her haha 

Becca: hey she's mine! Back off Liam! And bye Harold👋

Niall: cya haz, sorry I kinda fell asleep 😊

I locked my phone and looked Aubrey, I smiled of the thought of her carrying my baby. I can just see us cradling our baby as a family. 

"What are you smiling about" Aubrey said sitting up. 

"Oh nothing, just thinking" I said kissing her forehead. 

"My stomach feels as if something has exploded in it, and no not in the dirty way" she said rubbing her stomach.

"Hey Bre, have you ever thought you might be pregnant?" 

"N-no why would you ask that?" She said looking at me.

"Well uh erm we did have you know, not to long ago and well you're feeling sick at 10:30 at night" I spoke.

"Hmm never thought of that, now that I think of it I'm really craving hubba bubba" she said smiling. 

"Ok I'll go get some, mwah I'll be back" I said kissing her lips softly. 

I ran out of our hotel room and down to the little shop downstairs. I ran down each of the isles, isle 2 finally I have found you! I walked down the isle and grabbed a packet of each flavor if hubba bubba there was, I then walked down to the beauty & health isle. I carefully grabbed a pregnancy test and walked up to the counter. 

"That comes to a total of 13.50£" the cashier spoke. 

"Here you go" I smiled handing him the money. 

" I hope it says what you want" she said looking at the pregnancy test. 

"Oh um thanks" I said walking away. I ran back up to our room and saw Aubrey laying upside down on the bed eating a banana. "Uh babe what are you doing" I chuckledz

"Well I could get comfy while eating my banana so I tried this and... It worked!" She said sitting up. 

I handed her the hubba bubba packets and she started squealing. "I also got you this" I said pulling out the pregnant test. Her smile dropped a bit. "But I want you to know no matter what this days I will love and support you. Ok?" I said kissing we forehead. She nodded and grabbed the box out of my hand. She walked into the toilet and owed on the three sticks. We lined them all up and waited. 1 minute........ 2 minutes........... 3 minutes..........4 minutes................5 minutes! "We can check them now baby" Aubrey said rubbing my thigh. "Let's look together." I suggested. She nodded and we slowly walked over. "I want you to look at them" she said stepping away from the test and closing her eyes. "O-ok, here it goes." I looked at all three tests. "Babe?" "They're..............

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