Sister of Malik, bestfriend of Tomlinson

Aubry is Zayn Malik's little sister, she is also best friends with Louis Tomlinson and she is dating none other than Harry styles, Rebecca is in the same boat as Aubry, Zayn is like her big brother, Louis is her best friend BUT she is dating the sweet and caring Liam Payne. Will all this change because of a stupid mistake?


11. Fighting then apologising?

Sophie's pov)
Where's maddie and Sophie, Niall and and Liam asked. Right here we both said at the same time. Babe Liam said kissing me. I've missed you hunny I said kissing him back we were kissing for about 2 mins until we heard someone speak. You've got to be fucking kidding me, the slut is actually here this girl yelled. Shut up Aubry Liam growled. Make me or are you just going to keep making out with it she yelled pointing at me. Listen here bitch keep your mouth shut or ill shut it for you I yelled. Sorry I don't speak dumb she said walking away. That's it I screamed tackling her. You bitch she screamed then slapped me. Argh slut I screamed slapping her back. We were going at each other for about 5 mins when Aubry got pried away by this curly hairs guy. Babe you ok he said looking at her. No she isn't shes messed up in the head and needs medical help because if Liam isn't datig who she wants she chucks a spazz I spat. Fuck you she screamed and tried running at me but some guys held her back. Aubry calm down said a guy with black hair.

Aubry's pov)
When Zayn told me to calm down I was so angry. Oh Liam keep your slut on a leash I yelled limping off to June and Harry's room. When I got to our room Harry came in, you ok babe he asked sitting down next to me, yeah I sighed. No your not you've got a split lip, a black eye, and you've got a gash on your arm he said pulling  me into a hug, ill be fine but all I need is to go down stairs to Niall and becc I said getting up. Ok ill come with you he said picking me up. Harry put me down I giggled. Not until you say Harry is a sexy mother fukka she laughed. Alright Harry is a ugly mother fukka I giggled. That's it he said before slamming me into the bed. What are you going to do now I asked. This he said kissing me. Harry. I've. Gotta. See.becc I said in between kisses. Fine he pouted. C'mon I said grabbing his hand running down the stairs even though I fricking hurt. Argh get a room I groaned because Liam and Sophie were kissing. Don't be jealous of what we've got Sophie said smiling at Liam. I'm not now bye I said smiling. Hey Aubry becc said smiling, uh what happened to your face she said touching my lip. Firstly owe and secondly that I said pointing to Sophie. Oh she said smiling. Ummm why are you smiling I asked confused. Well uh me and Niall are dating she squealed, aww that is so cute I giggled. Yeah I know now I'm going to go say hi to everyone she said walking off. That is so cute becc and Niall I can get used to that hmmm what's there ship name, cuz mine and Harry's is haubry stylik according to the "fans". Niecca maddan ( it's funny cuz becc's last name is 'madden') 

Maddies pov)
Well that's a way to welcome you's Niall chuckled. Yeah I guess, how's it been big bro I said hugging him, nothing much I've got a girlfriend he said smiling. Who!! Shhhh keep it down an it's becc she lives with us now because she used to date liam but he cheated on her, then we became close so I asked her and she said yes, he whispered. Congrats nialler I said grabbing his cheeks, argh stop it leprechaun he laughed. That's not funny I said pouting, oh but it is he said laughing.

No ones pov)
Everyone has calmed down 'again' and they are all eating but it is really awkward because no one is speaking, until Niall breakers the awkward silence, becc and I are dating he said standing up, 

harrys pov)
When Niall told us him and becc were dating liam started choking on his food, you's are what he said calmly, Niall and I are dating hope that ok, oh wait yes it is you can't control me becc said smiling, congrats everyone said. 
That's great because Liam and I are dating too Sophie said smirking, I could feel Aubry getting mad next to me, babe it's ok she can't do anything you don't have to react because that's what she want I whispered into her ear. Thanks baby I love you so much she whispered kissing me. Ewwwww that's disgusting Lexi groaned, yeah I agree Zayn said looking grossed out. Go get a room becc said smiling, ok we will I said picking Aubry up and running towards the stairs, wait Aubry said getting out of my arms and started walking back to the dining room.

Aubry's pov)
I think I owe Sophie an apology, I know it's stupid but eh who cares I think I should make things right around here. Hey guys can I say something I said nervously, sure go ahead Niall said smiling, I'm going to go Sophie said getting up, no stay I want you to ear this I said smiling. She sat back down and I began.

Ok I would like to say sorry for the way I acted about this whole situation, I know I was being stupid but becc is like my sister and when I saw how sad she was after what Liam and sophie did behind her back I immediately hated both of you's which I know is wrong because I never have you a chance Sophie I said looking Sophie dead in the eyes. I just want to put all this behind us and start over because I'm pretty sure everyone is doing that apart from me, so who's in I said smiling. Me becc said putting her hand in, us too Louis and jayde said adding their hands, don't forget us Niall and Harry said smiling, or us maddie and Lexi said smiling, that just leaves you two I said frowning, I'm in Sophie said smiling and me Liam said smiling too they both put their hands in, lets all be a happy family with some weird, bad memories and all that shit Liam said chuckling, yes!! We all shouted. 

Alright we'll I'm tired so night "family" I winked, night they all said back, just as I was walking away I was stopped by Sophie, hey I'm really sorry about today I really want to be friends too but I didn't want to be the one to apologize she said smiling, it's ok friend I asked. Friends she smiled, oh Sophie one thing please be good to Liam I said grabbing her arm softly. Trust me I will, I may come off as a slutty Vichy who doesn't care about anyone but on the inside I'm a shy little kid that is afraid of the dark she giggled. Alrighty then I'm gonna go I laughed, ok night Aubry she said walking off. I feel pretty good now that, that is off my chest but man was it hard to say sorry. 

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