Out of Time (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

“Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken, you must be an angel. Sit down and teach me what life is all about. I see myself changing no longer a stranger; you gave me a reason to never die. You are my only hope…”

Zayn Malik.

One afternoon, one homeless person and one mistake he did changed his life forever.


Because he’s cursed. Cursed to live forever.

The only way to lift the curse is to receive a kiss and to be loved back by a girl who he’ll fall in love with. But it wouldn’t be so easy if he were a wanted criminal. Right?

Tick tock, time is running out. He only has a limited amount of time left and if he’s not able to lift the curse before time runs out, the curse stays with him forever.

“Love isn't easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

{Note/Warning: There will be some abusive and sexual contents in this story. Zayn Malik is NOT harmful in anyway possible in real lif


9. Chapter 9.

“Stop!” I opened my eyes and stared at Zayn in utter shock, because none of us said the word ‘stop’. My eyes darted to the door to see Niall panting.


“Leave her alone Zayn.”


Zayn chuckled deeply and glared at Niall.


“Why do you care?” He spat


“Don’t you think you’ve hurt her enough?” Niall spat back


“Fuck. Off. Niall”


“No, leave her alone. Ever since she’s arrived in this house, she’s only experienced pain and loneliness. Are you that heartless, Zayn?”




“For God sakes, she’s just an innocent girl-“


Zayn then climbed out of the bed and opened the drawer next to his bed. When he stood up again. He pointed something at Niall. Something I would never expect him to use in front of me. A gun.


“Get the fuck out of my room and leave us alone before I put a bullet in your thick skull.” He shouted


My eyes widened at the sight. It’s like my brain isn’t working, it’s like my body froze. I can’t do anything.


“No. Let her go and I’ll leave.”


The gun loaded.


“I’m giving you one last chance Niall. Leave.” He said sternly.


“I said give her to me and I’ll leave you alone.”


“That’s it!”


I knew he was about to shoot so, without thinking I quickly jumped out of the bed and pulled Zayn’s other unarmed arm towards me and the last thing I heard was a gun being fired before I landed on the ground with someone heavy on top of me. Everything seems like it’s going in slow motion and I don’t even know what’s happening.


I opened my eyes slowly-


Am I dead?


Did the gun shoot me instead?


“I love this position. We should do this more often.” I heard a chuckle above me.


I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up. Zayn was on top of me, smirking and we were both lying on the ground.


The bullet didn’t shoot him or me. I looked to the right and saw Niall with wide eyes. There’s no blood dripping from his body. I looked beside him and there’s a hole a few centimeters from his head. I gasped and tried standing up, but I failed because Zayn was pressing his weight onto me.


“Niall, you were lucky that Madeline was still in this room. If she weren’t, then you’d be dead by now. Consider this as being lucky, now get the fuck out of this room before I shoot you.”


“No, I-“


“Niall, leave. I’ll be okay” I was surprised those words flew out of my mouth.


“Fine.” I heard the door shut and Zayn chuckling.


“Will you please get off of me?”


“Nah, babe, I like this position.” He chuckled


“Zayn. I’m serious.”


He rolled his eyes and finally got off me.


“I’m going to bed.” I said as I walked towards the door.


“Who said you were sleeping in your room tonight?”


“Uh, Me. Goodnight.”


Before I could open the door, Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me against his chest. I was shorter than him so my head was facing his chest. I closed my eyes as he wrapped his arms around me. Hm, this is new. But I kind of like this part of Zayn. I wrapped my arms around his too and just tried to enjoy the moment.


Even though Zayn had physically hurt me and mentally scarred me, I could probably forgive him. You see, I can actually forgive people easily, my friends and my dad used to say that I have a huge heart and that’s the thing that they love about me most.  That’s probably why I can’t stay mad at people for a long time.


I felt Zayn’s chin resting on my head.


“Sleep with me tonight?”


My cheeks reddened and I made an awkward laugh.


“Oh jesus no, not in that way. I meant sleep on the same bed as me tonight. Yeah? But, we can do that too.” He chuckled


I rolled my eyes and groaned.


I hesitated but agreed with him anyways, because if I said no, his demon side would take over again. But I also would like to make him trust me so I would be able to escape. Escape? Yeah, of course I would like to escape this hellhole. I want him to think that I’m comfortable with this place, I want him to trust me, so in the end, I could get out of this house and run out of the woods to get help. I’m a genius.


“Can I shower first? I smell like butt.” I frowned and looked up at him.


He looked down and chuckled a ‘sure’ before smiling and letting me go.


There was a bathroom in his room, so I didn’t need to get out of the room.


I stepped into the shower and began washing my hair and my body.




After I finished showering and drying my hair, I went out of the room with a towel wrapped around me.  Zayn was standing in front of the bed, shirtless, facing back, so I couldn’t see his face. But his back looks so sexy.


“You can borrow my shirt and some boxers or sweat pants, whatever you want. It’s in the closet.”


I walked to the closet and got a shirt and a sweat pants before going in the bathroom to put it on.


I went out of the bathroom and heard Zayn chuckling.


“You look so cute with my clothes.” I blushed and playfully rolled my eyes.




Before I could finish my sentence, a squeal escaped my lips when Zayn suddenly ran and lifted me up. So he was now carrying me bridal style.


“What are you doing?” I giggled


All of a sudden, I landed on the bed. Zayn was on top off me and he’s holding his weight with his arms.




“Yeah?” I whispered.


“I- I- I’m really sorry. I’ve been nothing but a jerk ever since you came here and I really feel bad. I’ve been beating you and if Niall didn’t barge in the door a while ago, you’d be all bruised up. This time, I’m really serious, this time I want to get to know you. I really am sorry.”


“Um, yeah. I- I forgive you, I guess. This isn’t my first time, actually. My mom used to beat me up for no reason when she comes home drunk. And my ex-boyfriend used to abuse me all the time. But that was years ago.” I mumbled. Horrible memories came flooding back to me and I felt like crying. I tried holding back my tears but well that failed. A tear escaped my left eye.


Zayn’s large hand then cupped my cheeks and he wiped his thumb across my cheek.


“Please don’t cry.”


I felt Zayn getting off me and he sat down, crossing his legs. Then he pulled both of my arms, which made me sit in front of him. He pulled me into a tight hug and we both just kept quiet.


We both then pulled apart and he laid down on the bed. I opened my mouth to say something but before anything could come out of my mouth, a loud thunderstorm erupted which made me jump on him. I heard him groan and him pushing me aside.


“As much as I love you being on top off me. You’re crushing me.”


I blushed and apologized.


“Come here.” He pulled me again, so my head’s lying on top of his chest and I could hear his heart beating fast.


My eyes finally closed and right when I was about to fall in a deep sleep, I heard Zayn mumbling something.


“Madeline, what are you doing to me?” 

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