Out of Time (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

“Sometimes I feel like I was mistaken, you must be an angel. Sit down and teach me what life is all about. I see myself changing no longer a stranger; you gave me a reason to never die. You are my only hope…”

Zayn Malik.

One afternoon, one homeless person and one mistake he did changed his life forever.


Because he’s cursed. Cursed to live forever.

The only way to lift the curse is to receive a kiss and to be loved back by a girl who he’ll fall in love with. But it wouldn’t be so easy if he were a wanted criminal. Right?

Tick tock, time is running out. He only has a limited amount of time left and if he’s not able to lift the curse before time runs out, the curse stays with him forever.

“Love isn't easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

{Note/Warning: There will be some abusive and sexual contents in this story. Zayn Malik is NOT harmful in anyway possible in real lif


14. Chapter 14.

-Madeline’s POV-


Zayn and I have been walking for a good 20 minutes, we would constantly make a conversation about random things. I actually enjoyed talking to him, if we only met like how normal people do, I would want to be good friends with him.


“Where are we going?” I asked him.


“It’s a surprise.” He chuckled.


I groaned and looked ahead of me. I couldn’t really see anything, just trees around me.


After a few steps, I hear a waterfall. Oh so that’s where we’re going. Why is he bringing me there? Is he going to push me into the waterfall and drown me there? My heart starts beating fast and my eyes widened-


“Hey, are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen a wolf or something?” He chuckled.


I nervously laughed and said, “No, I’m just scared if wild animals decides to attack us or something.” I lied.


“Oh, nah, I’ll protect you if that happens.” He smiled.


Okay, maybe he’s not trying to kill me.


To be honest, I like it when he smiles; I love this side of him. It’s like he buries his ‘evil side’ and shows his ‘good side’, I hate it when the ‘evil side’ of him shows, it just scares me. I’m actually pretty surprised that I’m taking a long relaxing walk with my kidnapper, I’m supposed to hate him and stuff but I don’t really know what the hell happened to me, I guess my life before Zayn just sucks as well that’s why I don’t really bother to hate him with all my heart, I’m going to die eventually, so, I’ll just go wherever life takes me. I mentally shrugged and focused on my walking.


Minutes after, we arrived at a beautiful waterfall. I smiled and took a look at my surrounding; it was just beautiful, breath taking actually. The waterfall isn’t too big in height; it’s not short either, so it’s like a medium height. We’re standing on the ground beside the waterfall and the sound of water falling is just soothing to my ears


“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” He asked while looking at the waterfall.


“Yeah, how did you find this?”


“I was taking a walk to clear my mind a few months ago, and I heard some water running, so I followed the sound and found this.” He smiled.


I looked back and found a big tree, I walked towards it and sat down. It just seems so relaxing, I sighed and looked up to the sky; the sky is clear blue, with no clouds and I could feel the warm breeze. I looked up at Zayn and I saw him staring at me.


“What?” I laughed.


“Nothing.” He chuckled.


He walked towards me and I thought he was about to sit down next to me, but instead, he took his shirt off and placed it beside me, next, he took his pants off, so the only thing that covered his body was his boxers. He’s got some small legs, I’m jealous of him. Can I just say that he has some sexy abs and muscles, his body is so toned.


“What are you doing?” I looked up to him and smiled.


“Let’s go swim.”


“But I didn’t bring my bikini, and I don’t even have one.” I frowned.


“I never said you had to use your bikini. Plus you’ve got your bra and panty inside.” He smirked.


I rolled my eyes and shook my head no.


“Aw, c’mon.”


I shook my head again.




He showed me his puppy eyes and I can’t really say anything but a yes. Damn.




He replied with a “Yay.” And stared back at me.


“What? Go take your clothes off.” He innocently smiled.


“Turn around.” He rolled his eyes and thankfully turned around.


I took off my shirt and pants and sadly, the only thing covering me is my undergarments, I suddenly felt cold because of the amount of cloth covering me is just too little.


“Okay, I’m done.”


“Let’s go.”


“Wait, how are we supposed to get down there?”




“Are you crazy? We’re going to die.”


“We only live once babe, so fuck everything because life should be exciting and adventurous, not boring.” He chuckled.


I groaned and looked to the right side. Hey, I found stairs leading down there.


“Zayn, I found stairs. Let’s just use that.”


He chuckled and suddenly grabbed my thighs and back and carried me bridal style.


I was about to say something but he did something crazy; He jumped down while I was in his arms. I let a scream escape my mouth and suddenly, I feel cold water surrounding me. I couldn’t breathe and I felt relieved for once, like everything was going in slow motion.


I made my way back up to the surface and tried to look for Zayn, but he was nowhere in sight.


“Zayn?” I called.


All of a sudden, someone hugged me from behind and turned me around so I was looking at that person, when I opened my eyes again, I saw Zayn right in front of my face; I smiled and hugged him back.


We spent an hour there in the waterfall, just fooling around and swimming. I assume it was around 4pm now because of the position of the sun, I learnt it from school when I was little. Zayn and I swam back to land and we just lay down there.





“I had an awesome day today. Thanks.” I looked up at him and smiled.


“You’re welcome.” He smiled back.


“Let’s go back yeah?” He said while standing up.


I nodded and stood up too, when I was about to walk up the first step on the stairs, I heard something behind the bushes, and when I faced the source of the sound, I swore I saw 2 pairs of eyes looking directly at us. I poked Zayn’s back and he turned around.




“There’s someone or something behind those bushes. I swear I saw 2 pairs of eyes looking at us.”


He chuckled and said, “It’s just your imagination, and no one would go here.”


I agreed with him, maybe it was just my imagination, we continued walking up the stairs and when we reached up the stairs, we put out clothes back on and when we turned around to go back to the house, 2 guys appeared in front of us.


I widened my eyes and started to panic, I could clearly see a gun attached to their belts.


“Who are you guys?” Zayn asked in a casual tone.


“Let’s just say that we are a friend of someone you know.” They chuckled


Zayn pulled me closer to him and I wrapped an arm behind him as an instinct.


“Give the girl to us.” They said in unison.


“What?” Zayn furrowed his eyebrows.


“We said, give the girl to us, it’s a simple thing, let go of the girl and hand her over.” Their smirked grew and I felt all eyes on me.


“Fuck no.” He growled.


“You people always choose the hard way.” They chuckled and before I could react, one of the guys kicked Zayn in the stomach, he fell and groaned and when he tried to stand up, the other man kneed him in the face.


I gasped and panicked because I don’t know what to do. Without thinking, I grabbed the nearest rock and threw it at one of the guys, the rock hit his head and he lost his balance, causing him to fall down the hill, I heard the water splashing, signaling that he just fell into the water, and not the ground.


When I looked at Zayn, he was on top of the man with both of his legs on the side of his waist; he’s punching the man in the face. Should I just let Zayn kill him or? Suddenly, the man somehow flipped them over so Zayn was under while he was on top. I tried searching for something that I could use to hit him or distract him but I can’t find anything, all the rocks are too small to use and some were too big for me to carry. But the second I looked up to see Zayn again, I heard a gunshot being fired. I shot my head up to see the man running while Zayn’s shoulder was bleeding. I widened my eyes and ran to him.


“Zayn!” I screamed.


 “I’m okay.” He answered.


“We need to get you to a hospital or something!” Wait what the hell did I just say? There’s no nearby hospital here, I mentally face palmed myself.


He chuckled and made an attempt to stand up but failed.


“I’ll heal in a few hours.” He smiled at me.




“Wait, what do you mean?”


“Uh, nothing.” He blinked and looked at me.


“Can you please help me up?”


“Zayn, but you’re losing too much blood!” I screeched.


“No, no I’m fine. Just help me up.” I helped him up and he went to the nearest tree to help him stand up.


Wait, why am I helping him? I could just escape him, because if I ran, he wouldn’t be able to run too fast in his condition. But in the same time, I don’t really want to escape from this house or even him because I actually don’t have to keep up with my crazy mom and my annoying aunt. Then again, I’m living with a criminal. Urgh, fuck it; I’m starting to actually have feelings for him anyways.


Wait what?









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