I Can't Love You

She can't love him. He can't love her. Harry and Scarlett have one drunken night that they can't take back. They go through something that someone there age should never go through. Will they end up falling for each other or forgetting each other?


14. New Job

Harry's POV


2 weeks after the auditions and Scar went into labour I was due to leave for the X-Factor house. I didn't really want to leave her because she was still quite emotional about the whole thing, though she was getting better. We had done a lot of things to take her mind of it and she was going back to school in about 1 week. She was coping with it really well. Scar took me to the train station to say good bye. If I went to the finals I would be coming home in about 2 months but if I was eliminated I would come home earlier. "Okay well, I guess this is goodbye" I said hugging her. She started crying. I kissed her passionately and gave her one last hug. As I walked to the train she waved goodbye and I got on the train and found a seat. I felt bad leaving Scarlett on the train platform and crying, but its not like i'm not gonna see her ever again.


Scarlett's POV


When Harry left, I burst into tears. He was the only friend who didn't judge me. I was going to miss him so much. I started to walk home after I had calmed my self. When I got home I decided to entertain myself by cooking some cookies. I made some chocolate chip cookies and then took them around to Harry's mums house. I sat their for a while and had a cup of tea. "How are you feeling?" Anne asked. I looked down at my stomach. I was slowly loosing all the baby weight and was two size's of my original size. "Really good. Still felling a bit weird but I have gotten used to it". She grabbed my hand.

"Don't worry. I'm positive that Josie will grow up to be a beautiful young women like you" I smiled and a little after that I left. It started to snow, so I just enjoyed the weather and took my time. By the time I got home it was 7:00. I started dinner, cooking soup for my dad and I. I was doing pretty well trying to keep my mind off of Harry.  When my dad came home we ate dinner and then watched a movie. He was starting to act normal again. I decided to have an early night and go up to my room. I fell asleep pretty quickly considering my day was quite lazy. 


I woke up at about 3:30am to a horrible dream about how the Lin's weren't treating Josie right and how they didn't love her. I woke up crying and went into my dad's room. He hugged me to sleep and I didn't wake up until 10 the next morning. I went to the gym and did my bikram yoga class and then worked out in the normal gym for a little bit. I went home had a shower and then decided to go shopping for some new clothes. I thought it would be good way of rewarding my self for losing all the weight. And I'll just tell you one thing. I spent over $500 in clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. It was insane. Due to that I felt as though it was time to get myself a job. I walked around the mall with all my shopping bags and stopped in at a few stores until I received an interview at a really cool clothing store. I was ver excited. i went home, had a shower, changed into one of my new outfits and left for the mall yet again. I waited out side of the managers office and waited to be called. When I was called, I straightened my self up and walked in. John, the manager, stood up and greeted me with a strong handshake. "Hello, I'm John. Pleased to meet you" I shook his hand back and replied. "Hi I'm Scarlett, Nice to meet you too" I gave him a smile and sat down on one of the comfy chairs. "So I understand you are searching for a job?" I nodded. "Yes something to just take my mind off of things and get my life back on track. John nodded and wrote something down. "So have you had any experience in retail at all?" I shook my head. "No unfortunately not, but hey everyone's got to start some where" he laughed a little at that joke and wrote something down again. "What days can you work?" I almost leapt up in excitement. I retained myself. "Every single day except Tuesday's after school" He nodded and put his pen down. "Well I think you would make a wonderful addition to the store. Welcome to the team" I squealed with happiness and jumped up and hugged him. "Thank you so much. You won't be disappointed" We exchanged goodbyes and I left. I was so happy, I stopped off at Nando's and brought some for me and my dad. When he got home I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. "I got a job" He started jumping up and down as well. "Yay!!!" he screamed "no more spending my money" I play fully punched him on the arm and we sat down and ate. 


That night I didn't have any nightmares. I dreamt that I was in a cute little outfit and working. The best part yet was that the customer I was serving, was Harry.

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