I Can't Love You

She can't love him. He can't love her. Harry and Scarlett have one drunken night that they can't take back. They go through something that someone there age should never go through. Will they end up falling for each other or forgetting each other?


12. Dinner

Scarlett's POV


I hated going to school. Henry and his friends teased me all the time and called me horrible names, like slut, whore and fat. I spent half of my breaks in the toilets crying. All of my friends didn't really want to be friends with me. Most of it was there mums but still they had the choice. My only real friend now was Jorja. She was the only one who had stuck by me and had been to all of the doctors appointments. That day was really bad. I was feeling really horrible. I had a cold and I was finding it impossible to get rid of. When I got to my locker Henry was there with a bunch of his friends. Jorja was there too and started heading towards me. "Ohh look who it is, The Slut" I shook it off and opened my locker. Harry came up behind me and put his hand on my waist. He kissed me on the cheek. "Don't worry about them. There just dickheads" I nodded and Harry, Jorja and I walked to class. It was an okay day with hardly any snide comments but it still wasn't the best. After school Jorja and Harry came to my house and we ate and played the wii. That night Harry and I went to the Lin's house for dinner and so Harry could meet them. I got dressed in a nice dress and Harry came and picked me up. We drove for a little bit before we reached the Lin's house. "Do I look okay?" said Harry fixing his hair. I sighed. He had already asked me about this 4 times in less than an hour. "Yes Harry, for the 100th time, you look fine" He smiled and I smiled back. I rang the doorbell and Tammy answered the door. "Hello Scarlett" she kissed me on the cheek and then turned to Harry. "And you must be the baby's father?" She shook his hand. "It's so nice to finally meet you Harry". Harry smiled "It's lovely to meet you too Mrs Lin" We followed her in to the family room where Johnny was sitting playing a gameboy and Polly was sitting on the floor playing with her dolls. Doug came out of the kitchen and introduced himself to Harry. "Nice to meet you Harry. I'm Doug" he shook his hand. "Hello Sir, Nice to meet you" they nodded and we all sat down. We chatted about the baby and then sat down for dinner. At dinner we talked about the baby some more and then we talked about school and Harry's grades. They already knew everything about me. After dinner the kids went back to playing and Tammy and Doug showed us the baby's room. It was painted a nice white with yellow ducks on the walls. The crib and changing table were white and a big toy chest was in the conner already filled with toys. "It's beautiful you guys" I almost started crying but passed through the moment. "Aww thank you. I have been in here the past few weeks making everything perfect" Harry squeezed my hand and I looked up and smiled at him. 


Later that night after Harry had dropped me off at my house, I started thinking about the whole adoption thing. Sure it would set my life back a few years but it would definitely bring Harry and I closer together. No what was I thinking? I was too young to have a baby and I wanted to live my dreams.  Harry didn't want this and neither did I. The Lin's were the perfect family for the baby. I fell asleep feeling confused about this whole thing. I tossed and turned all night long and overslept the next morning. My dad came and woke me up at 9. I was too late for school so I ended up going to the shops and making some cupcakes for Harry. 


Harry's POV


My X-factor audition was only two weeks away and I was so nervous. I sang every day in the shower, getting ready, during school, through homework and all the time in the car. I had chosen the song "Isn't She Lovely" for the new baby. I know it might be a boy, but I was sure it was going to be a little girl. I was on my way to Scar's house when I saw a sign. I stopped the car and walked up to the man. "Hi I would like an orchid" I pointed to the one sitting on the stool at the back. I paid the man and continued to Scar's house. I walked in and found Scar in the kitchen. "Hey" I kissed her on the cheek and pulled out the flower. "Aww Harry. It's beautiful" she gave me a quick kiss and told me to shut my eyes. I did what I was told and next thing I know she shoves brownie into my face. "Ohh I'm gonna get you" I chased her around until she got puffed out and had to sit down. We laid out in the sun for a while and I sang to her. She started to cry. "Scar whats wrong?" she laughed. "Ohh just the hormones" We snuggled together and I stayed the night with her.  

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