The Path To Nowhere Land. (One Direction.)

"The Path We Take Is Where Our Lives Are Most At Stake, My dear Beatrice." My mother said to me, Before the trigger was pulled. I faintly smiled, Tears rolling down my rosy cheeks. That was when it hit me.. And it hit me hard..."Momma?!" I yelled getting up from the floor. "Momma!" I said shaking her a bit. "Momma.." I whispered, Rubbing my eyes. But it was to late.. She was gone.. He was gone.. They were both gone.. And now, I was left on a path to Nowhere Land... And this wasn't the cartoon with Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.. No, This was reality. But then again.. Reality is what the public wants you to think.. This could be a dream, Or a image of imagination. It wasn't though.. It was life, Life smacking me so hard that I coughed blood. That's all I can remember from that awful day. The day when my guardian angel left me.. Left me for a better world. A world that isn't as cruel as this one. But I call that giving up.. Giving up isn't the answer.. Or is it?....


1. In Reality, I'm Just As Normal As You Say You Are.

Chapter 1.

Beatrice's POV.

*Flash Back*

"Mother dearest, May I please be excused? I need to finish practicing for the talent show coming up!" I smiled sweetly at my mother. She nodded, As my father rolled his eyes. He wasn't my real father. My step father. He hated me, He only wanted my mother for her money. He'd whip her every day. He wouldn't dare touch me. And if he did, I'd surely put him in his spot. I may be a 9 year old. But I know how to fight. I got up, Pushing my chair in and grasping the plate in my hands. I padded to the kitchen, Placing the plate in the sink. I ran to my room, Sitting at my desk. I started to hum the familiar tune, Holding my Violin closely as I started to strum it lightly with the small bow. I closed my eyes, Letting my hands take its natural course. Smiling to my self as I hit the notes perfectly, That is until I heard a glass shatter. I flinched, Making the bow scratch against the strings. I shook my head placing the Violin on my desk. Getting up from the chair I walked quietly to the door; Peeking out to see Walter smacking my mother. I gasped, Covering my mouth. He kept beating her while I stood frozen. "No please! Stop Walter, I haven't cheated! I swear, I only love you!" She said looking him in the eye. He shook his head, Raising his hand. Before I knew what I was doing I stood in front of my mother. A stinging sensation took over my left cheek. I cupped it, Looking up at the furious man. His face softened, As he bent down. "I'm so sorry Beatrice, I.. I didn't mean it.. Please forgive me" He said frowning. I laughed. " Forgive you!!? You hurt my mother! You sick sick basturd." And with that, I ran to my room locking the door. I laid in bed that night crying my self to sleep..

*End of Flash Back*

I woke up wimpering as I looked around. She's gone the little voice in my head said, Quickly laughing. I cracked my knuckles getting out of bed. "Beatrice darling, So nice of you to finally join us for mid morning tea!" Hatter said. I rolled my eyes. "Hatter, It is 2:40 AM! Not the mid morning." I said shaking my head. "Ah.. I see.. Well, Come and sit child! I have tea out, Might as well drink it while its cold and not hot." He said smiling that crooked smile. I sighed grabbing a cup of tea. I quickly regretted it, Seeing as tea is not good cold. "Aha! Jolly good isn't it?" He said smirking. I groaned walking to the garden. "Good morning Beatrice, Have you seen Alice? She's gone missing!" Chessy said. "No, Sorry Chessy." I said looking around. "Are you sure she's missing, She could be trying to escape the Red Queen." I said jokingly. He smiled, Disappearing like he always did. He wasn't much of the speaker. I sighed, Walking over to the rather large table with a rather large bottle of wine. Or I thought it was wine. I toke a sip of it, Hiccupping a few times. I blinked for one second before I noticed the world had grew 10 times bigger then me. I sighed loudly. Alice had left her shrinking potion out again! After I told her not to. " Why Beatrice dear! Your so tiny! Like a child's doll." Rabbit said. " No kidding? I didn't notice." I said. "Well, Be off now. Its time to wake up dear. Come visit us later yeah?" Rabbit said hopefully. I nodded, Simplying replying with a " Rabbit, No matter how hard I try to stay away from Nowhere Land. The Hatter seems to bring me back to this place of God for saken trouble!" And with that I jumped awake, Looking around. I sighed once again. "Reality is but a image we have created so we don't go Mad." I whispered to my self, Swinging my legs to the side of the bed.  Another day another dead is what I say. I quickly got up from the bed padding to the bathroom. I locked the door, Making sure the windows were closed as well. Why you may ask. Well, Because sometimes the fresher air en toxicates the toxic air we breathe. Wouldn't want that now would we? I stripped my clothes off, Turning the water on. I always toke cold showers, Hot ones make you wanna fall asleep. 'Beatrice? Beatrice!?' Huh? 'Alice?' I said to my self. 'Yes, Yes it's me. How are you doing? Did Chessy ask for me!? Oh that boy is always looking for me. I think he has a crush on me! Oh, What would our ship name be Beatrice!? Chalice? Oh! I like that.. Or maybe Chessale! No.. I like Chalice. Chalice fits best. Does it not?' I rolled my eyes, Alice always liked Chessy. ' Yea yea, Sure. Chalice will trend on Teater' I said smirking. 'Oh you and Teater, I swear if I didn't talk to you you'd be addicted to Teater! Like those horrid mortals who like.. Tweeter. Ew, Who the hell likes a bird!? I hate tweeting birds. They make me want to scratch my arms till they bleed.' She said scoffing. 'Alice dear, I'm in the bathroom. Please stop speaking through mind. Its kind of annoying the flup out of me..' I said before Alice knocked on the door. "BEATRICE!? DON'T DROWN IN THERE! WE NEED TO GET TO WORK!" She screamed, I jolted up, Turning the water off. I washed my hair and body before draining the tub. I stepped out of the shower with a towel around my body. I opened the door, Pushing Alice out of my way. " Ow. Now what should I wear? The dotted heart dress or the black and blue poker dress?" She said stroking her chin. I shook my head at her childish actions. " I say the dotted heart dress, Alice dear go I need to change!" I spoke quietly. Ushering her out of my room then closing the door. I grabbed a shirt that said 'I'm Mad for the Hatter!' And a pair of black high waisted denim jeans. I slipped the shirt and jeans on. I tucked the shirt inside of my jeans, Walking over to the closet and picking out a pair of black and white high tops. I put them on, Tying them up. After tying my hair up I decided not to have coffee but instead Tea. Not cold, Hot Tea. Sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea. I heard knocking at the door. I got up, Opening the door. It was a group of boys, About the age of 18-21. I looked at them confused as to why they were here. Only troubled people live here, On this street. The last street of the left of Clover Field. No, Not the movie Clover Field. Its a place in Dantore. *COMPLETELY MADE UP.* " Uh, Hello. We were walking by and wanted to say hello.. So.. Hello!" A boy with a leather jacket said, Smiling. I rolled my eyes "Sorry Sir, But I don't want any cookies." I said closing the door. That was a strange strange thing.. Any who- The door bell rang. Augh, I swear I seriously hate girl scouts. Or in this case, Boy scouts. I opened the door. "What!?" I yelled. Loud enough for Alice to come and stand by me. "Whats going on Be?" She asked confused. I shrugged, Nodding the group of peculiar boys. "Sorry to bother you love, But we weren't selling cookies.. We really need a place to stay, You see we're a fam-" He was cut off by a group of squealing girls."THERE THEY ARE!" One shouted running. Oh my Hatter. What the Actual Fuck is going on!? "PLEASE LET US STAY!" They shouted. I glanced at Alice as she nodded. I stepped aside, Letting them pass. I closed the door before the girls could get in. Locking it and turning to the boys "Explain?" I said rubbing my temples. "We're One Direction, And we were running from that group of girls. I'm Liam. That's Harry, Lou is the one behind you Zayn is right here and Niall is standing behind me." He said smiling. I scoffed, Pushing past the boy."What ever. Alice, I'll be in my room. Tell Hatter that I said the tea was great, Better then it was when it was cold!" I yelled to her making my way to my room. I heard footsteps behind me, I glanced behind me and saw it was that Harry boy. "What do you want.. Harry?" I said a bit confused as to if I got his name right. "I'm.. Well, I just thought you might want some company! Tis all really..." He said rubbing the back of his neck. I shook my head. "No thank you.. I've got business to manage. Go back with the others." I said before I closed the door to my room. I turned the light switch, As the room around me turned into a beautiful garden of flowers and plants the human race has never seen or smelled before. Something so magical that it's hidden from the world we call.. Earth. "I knew she couldn't last. Dominick I win!" Rose Mary said. "Oh sweet Rose Mary, You always win. I'll win someday.. I'll win.." Dominick said before walking off. I smiled at my friend Rose Mary. "Rosie Posie, What did you bet this time?" I said crossing my arms. "I bet that you couldn't last 30 minutes in the normal world! And I was right. You only lasted 25 minutes. Good job though, You beat your record of 13 minutes and 39 seconds." She said smiling wide. I nodded, Looking around for Pandora. "Pan-" I got cut off by the smell of smoke. Valkrey. She was the gossiper of the group. The group consisted of 5 girls and 3 boys. Hatter, His name was really Jack. Valkrey, Her name was really Vallerie. Pandora, Her name was Pandora. Alice, Really her name was Alice. Rose Mary,Me, Chesire Cat. He was really Connor but we all called him Chessy and then Rabbit. Rabbit's name was Robbie. He was the shortest of the group, Other then the girls. All of the boys but Robbie were tall. Any way, Valkrey came into the Garden smirking like she had won the lottery. "Oooh Beatrice darling! I have some news for you! I've heard from Jester that Rabbit likes you!" She smirked even wider, The words she said coming out of her mouth in puffs of smoke.. Literally. They were in the puffs of smoke. She doesn't do that in the real world.. Only in Nowhere Land. You see, Nowhere Land is kind of like Wonderland. Expect the fact that we didn't fall down a hole. We all were crazy. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy. Abnormal. Waco's. Mentally insane. Or that is what the people who say they're normal... Say. But normality is just another thing us humans have made up to feel more safe about each other. And if you break that safety, Your instantly a failure. Hated by the world, By your family. By every one that is Normal.. Then again, Who am I to speak? My mother killed her self when I was 10. My step father left me because there was no money left for him. And my real father, Well.. I don't know where he is. Alice's family was killed in a fire. Chessy never had family. Never. Valkrey's mom died due to drug abuse and Rabbit was an orphan till the age of 15. Rosie might just be the 'Normal' one of the group. Her life is perfect, Its a wonder how and why she ended up with us.. But any way. " Oii, Valk you always hear things. Yet they never turn out to be true. And even if that was, I don't like Rabbit that way. Never have, Never will." I said rolling my eyes. It was a true, I mean. Rabbit was adorably sweet. But I just didn't like him in that way. She nodded. The door to my room opened. "Woah.. Wait what the fuck!?" A voice said. I turned around wide eyed to find.. Niall standing at the door. "Oh my.. Theres a mortal in the Garden.. SOMEONE GET ME SOME TEA!" Hatter shouted from behind Rose Mary. Valkrey fainted, Rabbit ran around the Garden shouting profanities, Chessy smirked as he laid across a tree branch. And me, What I did? Nothing. I did nothing but stand there. What else could I have done? Someone not like us had entered the Garden of Random. Yes, The name of the garden was Garden of Random. I opened and closed my mouth, Probably looking like a fish out of water. " Beat-" Alice looked shocked as she stood behind Niall. That is when I ran over to Niall, Punching him dead in the face. He yelped before he fell to the ground. Every one gasped, Looking at me. Even Chessy was looking at me shocked. I shrugged. "It toke care of the situation didn't it!?" I yelled. They all nodded. I started to shake violently. When I shook, Every one knew what would happen. So, I did what I always did. I ran as fast as I could away from the main entrance to GoR. I ran till my feet ached, Looking around it toke me a minute to figure out where I was.. Memory Lane. Literally. The name of this path is Memory Lane. It's basically how it sounds. Its a Lane that leads to Memory's that have a huge impact of your life. And I knew what Memory I would be seeing un fold.. The Memory of my mother killing her self......


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