Her name was Bethany. She just moved to Florida in a beach house right by the ocean. She's excited to start her new life here, especially when she meets a sweet boy with lovely green eyes and curly hair. Soon she will get to know the real cheeky boy known as Harry Styles.


1. The Beginning

I was 4 the first time i went to the ocean. I was with my family on vacation. I still remember feeling the sand between my toes. I loved it instantly. Ever since, we took a trip there every year. Now that I'm turning 19 soon I'm moving into a beach house right by the ocean in Florida. My parents supported me since i had already been in college there for a year and they knew i was responsible. I'm taking special classes for the fashion industry. I hope to be a designer when I'm done. So today was the day that I leave Colorado and take a plane to my new home. I've already been there once with my family to help get situated but now I'm on my own..kinda.  I have a good friend who i shared a dorm with last year who is going to be staying with me  the rest of our college years! Her name is Krista, she is already nineteen. She is a tall girl with long, dark brown hair, that's naturally straight. She has brown eyes and is perfectly fit, we're both fit, but not too fit. we don't have bulging muscles or 6 packs. We're just nicely toned and that's because we love to workout together. We go running at the beach at least twice a week. Anyways, I am a tall girl with long dirty blonde hair that's naturally wavy and big green eyes. I have a natural tan but not as dark as Krista's. So now I'm at the airport getting off of the plane and getting my luggage when i see Krista. I run to her and we hug. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, since she came to visit me in Colorado. She picked me up and we rode to my house..our house basically. It's a pretty big house. I wanted one that was in more of a private area but we still could walk out onto the ocean, and all of the houses there were big and fancy. I had plenty enough money from my family and from my past jobs to pay for a nice one with multiple large windows for walls. We get there and we run inside. Shes been here so she has her stuff unpacked in one of the guest bedrooms. The house had four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a basement, second floor, an attic, a huge kitchen, dining area, two living rooms, and an office. It also had a beautiful porch in front and behind the house. And balconies on two bedrooms. The view of the waves was absolutely mesmerizing. This was going to be an amazing time.

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