My Janoskian Experience

Natalie and her bestfriend Emilie are visiting Australia instead of going on their high school graduation trip and run into some new friends called the Janoskians.


2. New Friends

Natalie's POV


He helped me up and I brushed my self off and asked,


"Yeah its an app you can get where you record yourself for 36 seconds and you do whatever you want" he answered

"oh I see" I said

"Yeah well I guess it was nice to meet you wee gotta get going" I said pointing towards Emilie.

"oh okay then bye" he said back.

Me and Emilie started walking away when I heard footsteps coming towards us and soon had someone tapping on my shoulder.

"Hey sorry I didn't catch your name" he said

"oh its Natalie and this is Emilie" I said looking at her and noticed she and a boy were staring and smiling at each other.

"that's a pretty name, well I'm Beau this is Daniel, Jai, Luke and James" he said pointing to each boy

"Nice names" Emilie spoke

"thanks" they all said at the same time

Beau pulled me to the side and asked me for my phone and I gave it to him and he typed something into it and I asked what he was doing

"giving you my number" he responded

"oh well can I see your phone then" I asked

"sure" he said and handed me his phone. I put my name as 'Natalie :)<3' and handed it back soon after I got mine back and looked at what he put his name as which was 'BEAUtiful Brooks <3<3<3<3<3' I looked at him and laughed

"Nat! can we go to Roots now?' Em asked me

"Yeah lets go" I responded

Me and Emilie said are good byes and went to roots.


Beau's POV

I really like Natalie she seems to be a lot of fun. I can just imagine being with her we would have so much fun. I was broke out of my thoughts when Jai said we were going to start Dare or Dare. We started with Daniel and I dared him to walk around the mall in just his under wear. he did. Then James dared me to like some ones ear so I walked up to an old man reading a news paper and sat down I was really nervous but I got up and liked his twice. As soon as everyone did at least a dare or two I got dared by Daniel to eat some crazy wings but he said he would do it with me so we all headed to a near by restaurant.

Emilie's POV

Me and Natalie were walking around the mall and then I saw some boy like a old mans ear then when I took a double look and said OMG

"What?" Natalie asked

"is that Beau in those baggy beige jeans, blue t shirt and a snapback?" I asked

"yeah why?" Natalie asked

"he just licked that old mans ear" I said

"oh my god really?" she asked giggling

"yeah" I responded

we looked back over and he did it again! and we both laughed

"im hungry" Natalie said

"okay lets go to that restaurant over there" I said

we got to the restaurant and sat in our seats and looked at the menu.

then we heard really loud laughter and we looked up and they're they were.

Beau's POV

the waiter sat us down and we ordered the crazy wings 2 each for me and Daniel. they came and we started eating. They were really hot!. I was pounding my hand off the table and holding my throat, stuffing napkins in my mouth, and  breathing heavily Daniel was drinking water, the waiter came over and asked how we felt and Daniel said it was really hot then the next thing I knew was that Daniel poured the jug of water on my head and kind of got the girls purse who was sitting next to me wet. every one in the restaurant around us was laughing then I noticed a familiar laugh and looked over in the corner in front on me and Daniel and it was Emilie and Natalie. how embarrassing. I smiled at Natalie and waved. but anyway back to the wings it was burning my mouth like really bad I was chucking water, getting water dumped on me, and stuffing napkins in my mouth. it was hot. Natalie and Emilie walked by us and were giggling I watched as they paid and left.

"Fuck, im done" I said and stood up. I went up to the cash and paid. me and the boys went to find Natalie and Emilie who were in West 49 looking at the penny boards. I walked up to them and asked if they wanted to hangout with us and they said they would. yes.

"What are we going to do?" Luke asked

"We could go to random stores and try on clothes and give each other fashion shows?" Jai suggested

"Alright lets go"  Emilie said

Oh my god this is going to be amazing. Were going to get in shit.






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