I am infinite. And infinity but nothing at the same time


10. Seriously

She tackled me and pinned me down against the hard stone ground, wrestling style. I stayed calm and teleported to the branches of the crystal tree, which had gone a dark indigo. She let out an annoyed sigh. From up here i was able to see her clearly. She was wearing dark brown hunting boots made from thick leather,caramel coulored leggings that were lined with sheep wool, a thick beige skivvy and a large thick dark brown and gold jacket. She had a crossbow across her back but no arrows. I saw she had a necklace like mine but with the pendant brown to red. The whole necklace was a lot less intro its,fine and precious than mine. She let out a sigh and teleported up to me. I was so frightened. "Stay calm. " she grabbed my hand and we were teleported to a large cave

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