If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


64. Chapter 55

Carter's POV

"Carter..." his British accent entered my ears forcing me to look into his lovely green eyes. He sat at the end of my bad, a hand laid on my leg, the other carelessly fiddling through his curls.

"I'm sorry..." he apologizes. For what?!

"Nah... Did they tell you what happened?" I ask and he uses his thumb to wipe a few tears away.

"Yea, I'm really sorry," Harry moves closer. "Carter, look there is something I should probably tell you," he sighs.

"Yea?" I ask nervously at what he might have to say.

"Remember when we were friends?" he starts off with a simple question which has an obvious answer.

"How could I forget?" I answer honestly. "Well do you remember that day when I found you and Joseph, and he..." I interrupted him.

"Again, how could I forget?!" I ask annoyed. I'm not sure if him bringing this up would bring good or bad along with it.

"Well, there is something I never told you... No one ever told you," he corrects himself. "Yea?"

"Look Carter, you have to understand I never wanted to hurt you. It was forced. I was protecting you." I couldn't take it.

"WHAT?! Protecting me?!" I shout and he calms me by rubbing my back. I sigh and hold the unicorn close in my lap.

"Look, I don't know how to say this..."

"Harry, do you trust me?" I ask. "Yea sure," he shrugs. "Can I trust you?" "Yes. Always." he says.

"Then tell me." I command causing him to gulp.

"Your mom, she knows... knew, Charlottes mom,.. Okay wait..." he stops himself and I can tell he's thinking hard about what to say next.

"Joseph... He worked for this company type place. It's really just a group of men who kidnap girls and rape them..." he gulps and I back away from him. I push my back hard against the headboard of my bed.

"Listen..." he brushes a string of my hair behind me ear. "Charlotte's mom was raped by Joseph, she became pregnant but he didn't know the baby was ever born. So basically he is the father of that child, and he's Jacobs dad. Carter..." he hesitates. "Your that child..." he sighs.

"WAIT!! What about my mom!" he holds a hand over my mouth.

"Your mom was also one of those girls... she was asked by your birthed mom, Charlotte's mom to take you away, keep you safe, and not let Joseph no you were ever born..."

"But he found me," I realize what he's saying.

"No. He found your mom, thought you and Kyle were just people she'd had with someone else..." he answers. "So where did Kyle come from?" I ask.

"Your adopted mom was raped by someone else I think, before that. Your real mom got away, got married and had Charlotte."

"So... I'm Chalotte's si.." he interrupts. "Sister, and Jacobs your brother, and Hunter's, and Kyle, and your Lizzy's sister" he finishes.

"So I have four siblings..." I start. "Five." he corrects and I remember him bringing up Hunter but I don't bother to ask how that happened.

"Five siblings, Two are dead, two are in jail, and the last one hates me?!" I ask in pure disbelief.

"Yea," he sighs and stares at the ground.


"Carter... Im sorry," he doesn't shout. "What about my mom, my real one?" I ask trying to calm myself.

"Joseph killed her, that's why Charlotte hates you." he just say it.

I cant take this! This is all to much! My adopted mom, who I always thought birthed me was dead. My real mom who I never met was dead. That's why my adopted mom always told me my dada died before I met him. She never married, she never had kids...

"So I've know you for six years and for five you've completely lied to me! And now you say you were protecting me?! BULLSHIT HARRY!!" I scream. I cant control myself, I cant even try.

"OH WAIT! YOU PROBABLY FOUND SOMETHING TO LIE ABOUT THEN TO!" I scream. "Carter I..." he tries but I run out of the room.

Good thing I had already pulled on some sweats and a shirt. "Carter?" Louis asks after I hit the bottom of the steps.

"GET AWAY LOUIS!" I holler the tears blurring my vision and stinging my eyes.

"What happened?!" he asks in disbelief. "I CANT BELIEVE I EVER TRUSTED YOU'LL!!" I scream. At the moment I don't know if screaming is helping anything but for years they have kept this a secret. They knew all along why I was hated so badly, why nothing ever made since and yet they just added to my pain.

"Carter! What's wrong?!" Niall runs to us. "Carter c'mon"! Harry runs after me.

I run for the door my hand clasps the cold handle. "Carter wait!" Harry grabs my wrist but I yank away.

"Get you fucking hands off of me!" I scream in his face and open the door. I hear Liam's voice and then Niall's but after that they fade. I run. Far away. As fast as I can.


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