If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


63. Chapter 54

Niall's POV

"Hey wait up!" Harry begins to run after a girl who had just passed us. Zayn ran ahead with him and they stopped the girl.

"So nothing happened today?" I look to my side to see Louis's arm around Carter's shoulders and they're in their own conversation. "Nope!" she smiled.

"Guys... This is Savannah!" Harry guides the girl back to us. "I'm Liam!" he smiles at her. I just stare... Her golden brown hair is straight and falls perfectly over her shoulders. Its long and complements her beautiful eyes. There almost like mine just a but more blue. I smile at her and she returns it.

"Hi..." I can manage that but nothing else. "Hey," she laughs. "Oh..." I come back to reality. "Umm, Im Niall!" I laugh at my own embarrassment. "Savannah," she laughs again and I fall back into my own fairytale.

"So, How do we know her?" Carter asks. "Uh, She was the one who told us what Charlotte and the others were doing to you..."Louis answers nervously. "Oh..." she nods.

"Well, Im Carter if you didn't know," Carter moves back into Louis's arms and he pulls her close. He really does love her...

"So, I have to go I mean... I told my mom I wouldn't be late," Savannah says awkwardly. "Well, uh, do you always walk home alone?" I force myself to ask.

"Yea pretty much," she laughs and again I fall underneath a spell. Her laugh was perfect. Perfect.

"Well maybe sometime, you know, I could walk with you!" I smile. "For protection," I add making the situation a whole lot more awkard for all of us.

"Yea... Protection.." Harry laughs. I give him the look and he shuts up. "I'd like that!" Savannah smiles at me. "Cool," I say. I was now experiencing shyness and I couldn't understand myself.

"See you guys later! Bye Carter!" she waves and walks away. "Bye," we all reply and turn to each other.

"Smooth Nialler," Liam laughs. "Nice one," Zayn patts my back. "Shut up." I don't even smile but walk ahead. Do they think I don't know how embarrassing I must have looked?!

"Guys, C'mon," I hear Carter's voice and footsteps behind me. I look and see her catching up with me and the rest of the boys walking in a group behind her.

"It's alright," she side-hugs me. "I think she likes you!" she smiles and walks beside me.

"Really?" I ask sarcastically. "Niall... After you offered to walk with her sometime she didn't stop blushing," she laughs. "Thanks Carter," I finally let a smile show and she laughs.




Liam's POV

"Never have I ever!!" Harry shouts out after Zayn had asked what we should play. We had been watching Friends and playing truth or dare but it got boring.

"What's that?" Carter asks. "It a game..." he laughs. "Nah Harry," I laugh.

"Well, you have to say never have I ever, then something you've never done. If another person in the group as done that then they have to remove some type of clothing..." Harry explains but not in a way we can understand. He notices.

"So, basically if you've done what the person says they haven't done you have to take off one thing... Whoever is fully naked first loses..." he explains again.

"I don't know if that's a good game..." Niall acts all innocent and we all laugh. "Yea, lets play!" Zayn raises his hand. "I guess we could," Louis gives in and it leaves me, Niall, and Carter.

"Fine," Niall raises his hand and then Carter. "What ever..." I raise both my hands in surrender and Harry starts.

"Never have I ever been a girl!" he smirks at Carter. "What?! That's not fair!" she laughs. "Sorry," he shrugs and we all laugh. Carter pulls off one of her socks.

"Never have I ever been a boy!" she smirks back at him and he nods. I take off my shirt since I didn't have on socks, Harry does the same, and the other boys take off a sock.

"Never have I ever had a period!" Zayn laughs back at her and she just sits there. "Ugh." she pouts and pulls off another sock. "Now my feet will be cold!" she wines and throws the sock into the center with the two shirts and other socks. Louis wraps his arms around her and she blushes.

"Never have I ever had a name other than Liam!" they all stare at me. "What?! Its not fair but it works!" I laugh and watch them pull off some clothes. Carter takes off her sweat shirt and reveals her navy tank top underneath. Harry pulls off his sweatpants and it only leaves his boxers. The others just pull off their last sock.

"Never have I ever had hair past my shoulders..." Niall laughs. Carter sighs and takes off the tank top leaving only her bra.

"Well, Never have I ever had hair that doesn't pass my ears!" she smiles back and everyone but her and Harry pulls off their shirts, including me.

"Never have I ever had natural curls!" Louis says. Harry takes off a tied bracelet on his wrist and lays it in the center.

"Never have I ever cooked anything without burning it," Zayn says and everyone but Niall gives in. "Does this count?" Carter asks and pulls the black hair tie from her hair and lays it in the center.

"Sure..." Harry shrugs. "Never have I ever had a name other than Harry or Harrold!" he smirks and we all have to give in. Carter now sits in only her bra/underwear, I have on only boxers with Harry, Zayn Louis and Niall have on sweats now.

"Never have I ever had a name that starts with an L..." Carter turns her head to look at me then back to Louis. Louis pulls off his sweats and reveals his boxers. I look down at mine. Its the only thing I have on, no bracelets, necklaces, nothing.

"Uhh," I sigh. "I think I'm out," I say. "C'mon! We've seen it before and its not like Carter hasn't remember?!" Zayn says. We all look at him. Tears begin to form in Carter's eyes.

"Oh, I'm really sorry..." he tries to apologize. "What do you mean?! What happened?" Harry asks. "Seriously Zayn?!" Louis glares at him. "Carter I..." he begins.

"No. It's fine," she walks out and wipes the tears carelessy away. "Carter..." He hollers after her. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Harry shouts and shuts us all up.

Zayn tells him, he needs to be the one to tell anyways, after what he just did.

"I'll go," Harry says. "Besides I should be able to help the most... I wasn't there," he shrugs and pulls on his sweatpants but doesn't bother with the shirt.

After he is gone we all glare at Zayn. "Why?!" Niall almost shouts. "Im sorry, I wasn't thinking..." he holds up his hands. "Its fine." I state. "Just get back on your clothes." I order and began to pull on my pants and shirt. I wasn't thinking of anything hut how Carter must feel right now, having to remember that night. Every night she spent there. Every time she's ever been raped... Just that one comment could have brought back memories of Joseph, Jacob, me, anyone that has ever hurt her. ME!


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