If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


60. Chapter 51

Carter's POV

"NOOO!" I scream out. "HELP!" I attempt to wiggle away from the ropes that held me so tightly. Josephs hands grab me and Charlotte begins to kick.

I'm now in a car. Joseph sits in the front and Lizzy leans on my shoulder. Asleep. "Ready to die?!" I look in the rear view mirror and see Joseph smirking back to me.

"You wouldn't kill Lizzy." I stated. "Bitch. I'll kill whoever. Lizzy. You. Just tell me who." his laugh sent shivers down my spine and I became nervous. I saw the eighteen wheeler moving in but the car didn't budge.

"Joseph!" I shout out but he ignores. "Ahhhh!" Lizzy's screams ring in my ears and the truck hits our small silver car. It goes black.

"Don't let him kill me!" Kyle screams at me. "Jacob don't!" I shout and the gun fires. I feel the impact on my heart and Kyle drops dead. Me beside him, panting hard, dying. Jacob stands above me. "BITCH." he states and comes down on me with a knife.


"AHHHH!" I scream out. I'm sweating. Bad. I rip off the shirt and stand up. The pain hits all over my body and I let myself suffer. I shake off the chain of nightmares, I attempt to shake away the pain but it stays against my will, and find I slide on a new over sized shirt. Its the only thing I have on over my underwear. I grab my unicorn and leave the room. I tiptoe down the stairs and into the kitchen. I quietly open the fridge to find it full. I gaze around taking in the image of every fruit, vegetable, deli product, drinks, it wasn't worth it. The hunger eating me from the inside out isn't enough to convince me and I shut the door. I move to the other counter and rise onto my tiptoes to reach the cabinet above.

"Ow..." I mutter after the box of hot chocolate bags hits the corner of my head.

"Here..." someone says from behind me and an arm reaches over my head to grab the other box. I look behind to see Louis. He doesn't smile, doesn't even acknowledge me looking back at him but instead he turns away and brings out a pot. I don't resist but sit in front of him at the island.

"Why are you up?" I ask looking down at the oven clock. 3:43. "You.." a smile crosses his face but disappears quickly. "Sorry," I look down and the stabbing pain enters my neck from the cut.

"Nightmares?" he asks. "They never end I mean..." I look away. "Sorry I shouldn't be bothering you with this," I shrug knowing he probably doesn't care about my dreams.

"I really don't mind, beside its 3:45 in the morning... What else do I have to do?" he laughs a simple laugh and pours the hot chocolate into two mugs.

"Sleep," I answer and he lets out another laugh. It wasn't meant to be funny.

"C'mon," he motions for me to stand up but it was a world war three just to get down the stairs to here. I let the thought slip away and I force my knees to lock out and bend again and again. I finally stand before the couch and I let myself fall down. I make no attempt at all to catch myself but instead land on the soft, plushy pillows. I feel a warm body beside me. Louis.

"Your not cold?" I interrupt the silence and let my 'ok' hand rest on his bare chest. He's in only boxers but I don't care. "What about you?" he asks and pulls my shirt down to cover my underwear. He was right I guess, he had on boxers and I had on underwear, and a shirt but it didn't count because there was no bra underneath.

"I wasn't expecting anyone to be up.." I defend myself. "You think I was expecting to be the person to get up?" he asks and I cant help but smile. He pulls me closer and wraps a knitted blanket over us. He hands me my smooth, warm mug. I take it in my hands and rub it. The warmth comes off on my hands and I sigh. I take a sip and the chocolate taste dances on my tongue. One of his arms drapes over my shoulders and the other holds his mug. I have to position myself carefully in fear of pain setting in even more. I still could feel deep pains in my stomach and on my jaw and neck but everything else seemed alright. My right hand was wrapped and I had wrap covering my left forearm.

"So... What was your nightmare about?" he asked. The memories of the recent nightmares came back and sent shivers down my spine and they ran along it quickly going up, then down, up, then back down.

"Well, Joseph was there. And Jacob. Lizzy and Kyle. Charlotte was there too and Harry but that was it..." I sighed. I began to tell him of the first of the chain. I remembered back...

"I was tied to a pulp, wooden. It was on the school football field and Charlotte was there. She walked around the field and Harry came up behind me. It was weird, like we had just met. He asked my name, age, stuff like that..." I hesitated. "He said I was ugly and called me a prostitute... I remember Charlotte coming over and saying that I had had sex with every guy in school and that I was going to be murdered for my crimes," he smiles and snuggles me close. I wince in pain after he rubs my arm to hard and he loosens the grip.

"Joseph was there and Jacob they had guns." I felt the tears force themselves into my eyes. "I remember the dream changed right after Joseph fired," I shivered at the memory of the cry of agony I had let out at the time it had happened.

"Then, I was tied in a chair, wooden. It was like wood had a thing for me..." he laughed but again it wasn't meant to be funny.

"Charlotte and Joseph were there, Charlotte was kicking me and Joseph grasps my wrists. They wouldn't let me go..." the tears began to fall. "You don't have to..." he whispers and it calms me.

I finish off telling him everything and so on. "Carter..." he starts. "mmm," I make out the sound but cant talk.

"What type of nightmares did you have before... Well your mom, and Kyle. Jacob and all this..." he seems nervous about asking, but I know exactly why. I answer with silence and he sighs.

"You said, at that incident with your mom..." he pauses. "To the lady that she doesn't wake up screaming each night because of something that you never said... What was that?" he finishes and I can feel him sinking away from me.

"Well, that was when I couldn't go a day without being hurt... It all started when I was twelve, Kyle was in America..." I sighed. "He left right after Joseph started beating me, he said he was going to our Grandmas there to get a job and buy a place for just me and him," I sigh at the thought of me and Kyle just us. It would have worked.

"It got worse when he left he was no longer there to keep me away from Joseph's beating, rapes, or killing words. Joseph beat me daily, my mom couldn't do a thing about it... and then I met Harry."

Louis's POV

"Then I met Harry," she hesitates again and sips some hot chocolate from her mug. I pull the blanket up more and tuck it around us.

"We became, what I guess you could call, friends. He came to my house one day, no one was there. Just me and Joseph." I knew what was coming and the tears started falling again. I wipe them away with my thumb and she sighs.

"It was the first time Joseph raped me, Harry didn't do anything. Joseph told him I was paying him, Harry actually believed him! He took it away, Josephs lies, my heart, my only hope of safety, my virginity, our friendship..." she sighs and again I use my thumb to gently wipe the tears away.

"Virginity?" the word comes without my command. "Yea, he had the chance to stop Joseph. But he didn't he turned and walked out. Leaving Joseph to take everything from me..." I kiss her forehead and she sobbs.

"H-he told e-everyone, at sc-school. T-they beat me and c-called me pr-pregnant and a p-prostitute, then you and the b-boys came," she looks down and I know this is the hardest part to tell,ME.

"It g-got worse... You'll b-beat me everyday, made me think t-things a t-thirteen y-year old should n-never have to-to think, about h-herself, about food, a-about sickness, ab-about life itself," she sobbs and leans on my chest. "Ever s-since then I-i've tri-tried everything, suicide in a-all the ways p-possible, anorexia, cu-cutting, I t-thought I was g-going to die... For y-years..."

"Then a-almost four ye-ears l-later, you and N-niall helped me, I became partly h-happy again, then Jacob." she finished and I now had tears in my eyes.

"Carter. I am truly sorry, I really am. I made you go through hell. Damn it! You shouldn't be here with me, you should be in America with Kyle..." I sighed.

"Oh yea..." a laugh escapes from her mouth and she holds up the unicorn. "That's where this comes in, he got it in America to help through the nightmares I was already having, then they got worse," she sighed. We sat for a while, just us and silence.

"Louis..." she whispers. "Yea?"

"I'm a little tired," she yawns. "C'mon," I stand up and take the mug from her. She begins to stand but I stop her.

"Stay, I'll be back," I yawn too and take the mugs to the kitchen. I lay them in the sink and go back to her. I lift her up bridal style trying to stay clear of all her cuts and bruises. She carries the unicorn and we all go upstairs.

I lay her gently on the bed and tuck her in underneath the covers. "Goodnight..." I whisper and kiss her cheek. I turn to go out but she stops me.

"Louis..." she was still sobbing, and her cold fingers wrap around mine. "Stay?" she silently asks and I nod. I lay down beside her. I stroke her hair and pull her closer for both of our warmth. After a while I get really cold so I slowly pull the covers up over me and pull her closer.

"Goodnight," she says already half asleep. I kiss her cheek one last time and fall asleep beside her. "Goodnight..."

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