If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


56. Chapter 48

Carter's POV

"And here we are!" Louis drove the into the driveway of a huge white house with plants and flowers surrounding the outside perimeter. Over twenty or thirty cars sat parked in different areas of the yard or pulled up down the road a bit. People walked around outside but the main attention was drawn inside. Once I had stepped out of the car with Niall helping me I could hear the music faintly but it only got louder as we got closer. Much louder. The door was opened right before Harry grabbed the handle and two drunk people came out. A girl and a boy.

The girl wrapped her legs securely around the boys waist and he held her up. The were making out while he carried her. The didn't bother stopping for us or anything they just pushed right through making both me and Zayn stumble backwards.

"Woah," Harry caught my arm and laughed. "Thanks," I said after I had regained my balance and I was back on my feet.

"Hi Niall!" Abby ran up to us. Her eyeliner popped out more than anything and her red lipstick reminded me of Taylor Swift, along with her curled hair. Only Abby's hair was brown. Her black mini dress literally just passed her butt and it showed off her curves, even added some. She wore black ballet flats which in her case were both a good and bad choice. Bad, because she is really short. Good, because we all know she'll get drunk and heels just don't go good with that.

She pulled at Niall's arm and he stumbled forwards. "C'mon!" she laughed and pulled him inside. He looked back at us, plead in his eyes, and he disappeared around the corner.

"Hey Carter! You made it!" Charlotte completely ignored the boys and stepped directly in front of me. "Yea..." I shrugged and she hugged me unexpectedly.

"Well! Lets get inside!" fakeness filled her voice but I went along with it. I looked to Louis but he shrugged, Liam he did the same, Harry..."C'mon..." he laughed and guided me inside.

"Stay with me..." I could barely make out the words. Someone's fingers interlocked with mine and I felt a body close. I couldn't make out who's voice it was over the extremely loud music. Louis. I shifted and turned my head to see him staring around at the other people.

"K..." I smiled and wrapped my fingers tightly around his, which only tightened the his grip he already had. He guided me through the living room of dancing, drunk, and a few sober teenagers. They danced, laughed, hollered over the music, and some sat silently at counter drinking beer after beer. He led me past all of them and into a hallway.

"You been here before?" I asked. I couldn't help but notice how it seemed he knew exactly where to go.

"Yea... Plenty of times..." he answered not looking back. I eyed him and he turned to face me.

"For parties... I wasn't the only one," he laughed and pulled me closer. I was pressed against him. It was already a small enough hallway but some people stay'd and wouldn't even walk. They made out, drank, talked and found a way to dance.

He led me up the stairs and into another kitchen type room. People were there too but only a few. Nobody was making out, dancing, or anything like that. In fact no one was drinking either. He motioned to the coolers lined up on the floor and counter top.

"Drink?" Louis asked. "Pepsi!" I smiled and he released my hand. I felt less safe without his hand there to guide me, I knew it would only be two seconds or so and he'd be back but it was just wrong. It was stupid because he was only a few feet away from me.

"For my lady!" he teased and handed me the ice cold pepsi. He had one for him and he lifted me up onto the counter. He smiled and set beside me. Another boy came up beside me and made me very uncomfortable by sitting closely, too closely, on my other side. I scooted to Louis and pushed myself against him. He laughed and threw an arm over my shoulder.

"I got ya," he whispered into my ear making me blush.

"Hey guys! We thought you left..." Liam came in holding a coke. Harry and Zayn both had red cups so....

"No. Just wanted to get away from all the noise..." Louis answered him. Liam came and squeezed in between me and the other boy making me even more squished. But I was more comfortable because I didn't have to lean so much against Louis and that other boy couldn't try something.

"Hey boys..." Charlotte came in. "And Carter," she added after seeing me. I gave a weak smile in return. "Having fun?" she asked after no one said her or anything.

"Uhh, Yea its ok!" Zayn smiled but I couldn't tell if it was real or fake.

"Cool!" Charlotte was definitely fake. "So... Carter want to meet some of my friends?" I looked to Louis and he shrugged. Always...

"Uhh, yea I guess that would be ok," I squeezed out and the discomfort from being away from any of the boys hit me. Someone wrapped their fingers around my wrist and I turned to see Liam with a worried face.

"Be safe," he whispered. I rolled my eyes. "Thanks for the tip!" I said sarcastically, and tried to laugh, and I did, but I knew it sounded all too fake.

"K.." he slowly released my wrist just for Charlotte to yank me forward. "C'mon! Your going to love it!" now it was my turn to look back at them nervously like Niall had. Only I should be more worried than him.

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