If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


39. Chapter 32

**NO EDIT** just letting you know...


Harry's POV

I ran quickly to the kitchen and looked at the clock. It was already seven pm.

"We've decided to call it a day..." the captain walked in behind me.

"What?!" I asked frantically. How could they just quit?!

"Well its getting late and most of their shifts are over..." he sighed and walked out. That was rude...

I walked back to the lounge room and met Kyle. The police were all leaving and we were the only ones in the room.

"Well..." he stated awkwardly. "Ummm,"I sat on couch and my head rested on my hands.

"Look I want to them just as much as you..." he sat beside me. "I know..." I looked over to him. He rested his hand on my back and I smiled slightly.

"Look Kyle..." I paused. I stuck my hand in my pocket and felt the, now warm, charm bracelet.

"Yea..." he asked. "There is something I didn't tell you... I found this," I pulled out the silver charm bracelet and he gasped.

"Why??" was all he managed and he took it from my hand. He began to examine it.

"I don't know... I found it by the edge of the woods..." I sighed and looked down.

"The woods?" he asked curiously. "Yea..."

"That's why you said we should check the woods..." he put the pieces together. "Yep." I looked up.

"Lets go!" he stood up.

"Kyle... Its dark, We don't even know if they are out there..." I argued. I wanted too... But what would happen??
"That's my sister! And yours practically you'll have been best friends for years!" he picked up his voice.

"More like days..." I mumbled to myself. "What?" "Nothing..." I wasn't going to tell him about our past...

"C'mon!" he grabbed my arm. "Wait lets etleast get some flashlights..." he gave in and I got us both one.

Carter's POV

"Louis!" I wailed out as they punched him hard in the stomach. "Stay out of it Bitch!!" Hunter shouted and slapped me.

"He wants to escape this is what happens!!" Jacob shouted and punched him again. They all had him pinned against the wall. He winced in pain. I turned away and leaned against Niall.

"Shhh..." he was still tied with the others but he could still help calm me.

"Try to get away again!" Thomas shouted and kicked him. Louis fell to the floor and they kept kicking him. They brought him back and Hunter pulled me away. I was naked, freezing, crying, and in extreme pain.

They tied him tighter than ever and he winced at the pain now coming from his burning wrists. James duct taped his mouth and punched his gut once more. I looked down at my bruised body and tears filled my eyes and found their way down my cheeks.

"What the hell?!!" Harry's voice filled my ears. I knew I was daydreaming and I thought I was passed out. I felt the cold, hard ground around me and knew I was in hell. (just realized what I wrote haha)

"Carter!!" again Harry's voice filled my ears.

"Police?!! Come to the Tomlinson house!! We are in the woods!! Hurr-" Kyles voice was cut off my something hitting the floor. I looked up at who was holding me..

"Harry?" I asked in astonishment. He didn't answer, he wrapped me in his warm arms and I happily hugged back. "Harry! Its really you!" I smiled.

"You alright?! Oh my gosh! Your alive!!" he cried into my shoulder. "Oh..." he stated very awkwardly. He had realized I was naked and pulled away, his hands still held my bare back and I looked down at my bare chest.

"Ummm," I sighed looking away. "Harry!" Niall shouted. I looked up and Jacob held Kyle. Harry ran quickly to the boys. He untied Zayn quickly and went to Niall.

"Harold!!" Zayn shouted happily and wrapped him in a bear hug.

"Yea yea, we got to go!" Harry said sternly and then went to Louis.

"Stop!" Hunter hollered and ran towards them. James grabbed me and I started kicking frantically.

'Help!" I yelped out as he slapped my jaw and held it shut. I did the only thing I knew to do... I bit him. Hard. Harder than I had ever thought humanly possible. I felt my teeth sink into the skin of his hand and heard his wail.

"Damn't!!" he screamed out and dropped me. I crawled towards the boys. Niall grabbed me up and I let him hold me. I cried out in pain as James nails dug through the skin of my back and felt Niall let go of me.

"Carter!" Kyle hollered through the little shed in the woods and I fell to the floor. I blacked out and could only hear, not see.

"Did you not learn last time Kyle?!" Jacob's harsh voice filled my ears and I couldn't get up. I heard something being punched and knew it was my brother.

"Get them!!" Hunter hollered. I felt I was in someones arms and I looked up to see Harry. I smiled and he returned the smile with his cheeky one. I looked to the wall where the boys had been tied up and Liam and Louis still sat there... Tied. The tape was off of Lou's mouth but they both were still tied up. Thomas guarded them and Harry was headed for the door.

"What the hell?!" I heard Jacobs voice. Harry let me on the ground. He began to punch Hunter. I heard Zayn's voice and saw him holding James down. James fought back and Zayns nose bled.

"Carter run!!" Niall's shaky voice hit me and I got up quickly. I ran through the pain to the door. I felt for the doorknob and attempted to turn it. Thomas grabbed me and I winced at the pain of his fingers breaking the circulation to my arms off.

"BITCH!!" he shouted the familiar word into my ears and pulled me back. "What going on??" the police had came!! They came!! Jacob ran out and I couldn't see him anymore. The police grabbed Thomas and I ran to find a t-shirt.

"Here..." Louis held up a dark red tshirt. I looked at his bare chest. "Louis but..."

"Just hug me already!" he laughed and I ran into his arms. "C'mon..." he laughed and tried to slide the tshirt over my head.

"But Louis... you'll freeze..." I argued and pushed the shirt away. "And if your naked you wont?" he laughed. I gave in and slid the, oversized on me, t-shirt over my head. I sighed knowing that I was covered, I wasn't very comfortable around the police.

"Carter! Watch out!" Harry shouted and Lou pulled me back with him. "Bitch!" again the word entered my ear drums and Hunter came towards me. I felt behind me just to know that Louis was there. He was and I felt safe.

"Don't touch her Hunter!" Louis put me behind him and blocked me. "Or what?!" Hunter smirked still moving closer to us. Louis punched him and he punched back. They began to fight and I stood against the wall. Two police men pulled him off of Louis and I hugged him again.

"Thank God..." I whispered and hid my face in his shoulder. His arms wrapped around my back and I smiled to myself.

"Son... Put that down!" a police shouted. I looked up to see Jacob. He held a gun and glared at... Kyle.



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