If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


3. Chapter 2

Carters POV

"Mom?!" I heard Kyle holler as I stepped into the house. 

"What happened?!" I asked frantically. I looked at my brother crying on the couch. 

"Moms room..." he motioned. "Carter!!" he startled me and I turned back to face him. He was staring at my leg then to my jaw. "WHAT HAPPENED?!"

"Stuff..." I answered. "MOM?!?!" I said and turned... I forgot about the stinging pain in my leg as I ran upstairs to my moms room. I pushed open the door to see my mom laying lifeless on the floor, there was a knife covered in blood near by. It reminded me of Harrys I then let the pain in my thigh sink in. I fell to the ground and let my tears stream down my face. 

"I t-tried to stop her..." Kyle came in and sat down. He laid his hand over my shoulders. Some seconds passed and I heard sirens outside. I looked up at Kyle.

"Their late! I called them when I found out what she was doing." he stood up. He held his hand out for me. I took it and he yanked me up playfully. I winced at the pain striking in my leg. I slowly followed him downstairs, tears still filling my eyes. 

Louis's POV

Me, Zayn, Niall, and Liam were all passing Carters house when Niall pointed out the police cars. Liam and Zayn laughed, I noticed Niall was having the same problem as me. Since this morning I felt different about Carter. I put it to the back of my mind and attempted to laugh with them. We were right in front of the house when I heard Carters voice... "NOOO!!!" we heard Carter scream. 

We looked at each other then made our way to the front door. To our luck, the actual door was open, and we could see through the screen door. We stood there. 

"No! Shes not dead!!!" Carter screamed. An officer came into view, he had Carter wrapped up in his arms. He set her down. Two ambulance men walked into view from the stairs. 

"Im so sorry..." a lady apologized. 

No your not!" Carter went off. "YOU DIDNT COME HOME TO A DEAD MOM! YOU DONT WAKE UP SCREAMING EVERY NIGHT, BECAUSE OF..." she paused. I knew what she was about to say. "STUFF...YOU DONT KNOW!!!" she broke down to tears and fell to the ground. A police man bent down to her. He picked her up... "NO!!! MAMA?!?!?" she screamed another police followed them into another room. I wiped the tear that had formed in my eyes.

I was suprised no one had noticed us yet. "We found this..." another officer came to our view. He held a knife in his hand, a kitchen knife, it all blood all over it. 

"Yes..." a boy answered. 

"Come with me..." the officer motioned. We couldn't see them, but we heard them perfectly. 

(P- police officer) (K-kyle)

P- "Whats been happening?"

K- "Well about two weeks ago my dad and little sister died in a car wreck.."

P- "Yes I know... and Im sorry. But I meant your sister..." 

K- "I dont really know... every night she wakes up crying, has been for months now. She comes home with knew cuts and bruises everyday, When Lizzy died it got worse. Yea, my dad died to but he was very abusive to her... he'd tell her she was fat and ugly. My mom always cried, and if we tried to stand up for her he'd beat us..." "About a week ago Carter was in the bathroom... she had been in there for a while, I noticed the door was unlocked so I went in. She was sitting on the ground, papers covered the floor, and her arm was bleeding. She had cut herself..." "I helped her up and cleaned it, she went downstairs. I looked through the papers... they said stuff like 'fat' 'ugly' 'worthless' and 'bitch'. I gathered them up and carried them downstairs. I asked her about them..." "She said they stood for everything she was. After that she promised to stop cutting... Im not sure is she has..." 

P- "So is she bullied at school?""Doe she have some sort of computer or phone where she could be cyber bullied?"

K-"yea, she has a phone... She got it back this morning..."

P-"Why did your mom take it?" 

K-"Carter was always writing in the notes... mom go worried..."

P-"We should read those notes... they could hold some valuable information..." 

I looked at Niall who motioned to Liam, he held her phone up. I felt really bad for Carter i dont know why... I never this...

"Who are youll?" her brother interrupted my thoughts. 

"Uhhh, Carters friends..." Zayn answered for us. 

"Oh, well come in..." he answered. "Im Kyle... Carters brother!" he looked down. "I guess you know what happened..."

"Uhhh yea... Im sorry..." I stated stepping into their house. The boys followed. We stood by some police officers at the edge of the kitchen. 

Liams POV

"NO!!!! I WONT LET YOU BURN MY MAMA!!!" Carter screamed. She ran into the living room. She latched onto her brother. "Kyle...  Dont let them burn her?!" she had tears streaming down her face. 

"Its what dad wanted, he wanted us to have her ashes..." he looked down at her. I noticed the bandages wrapped around her leg, where Harry had cut... I couldn't help but feel bad. I had never seen someone in that much pain.

"WHAT?!" she hollered. "Your taking his side?!" she kept hollering. "He would have killed mama! You know that! You were there... he threatened to kill her if I didn't do what he said! He hated us!" she yanked of her sweatshirt, she now only had on a tanktop and a bra. 

"These scars were his fault!" she touched her shoulder. "You always stood there and watched him beat me... You were the one who watched when he'd rape me.. and cut me! Your just like him... You know that?!" she finished screaming and let her tears fall. 

"C'mon!" a police picked her up. "No!" she hollered. She struggled, and broke free... she hit the ground, her leg. 

"Ahhhh!!!" she screamed and grabbed it. I remembered back to this morning. I could only imagine what pain she was in... she managed to stand up... hands still holding her leg. 

"I wont let you burn my mom!!! I wont!" she struggled to the stairs and managed to run up them. I knew it still hurt... we all heard a door slam and then her screams. 

"MY GOD THAT HURT!!!!" she hollered. I dont know why but I laughed. Not meanly but just from what she said 'my god that hurt' it was funny i guessed. I didnt make it obvious it was just one laugh. Louis looked at everyone, then ran upstairs after her. 

Carters POV

My leg screamed at me to stop but I kept running up the steps. I could have sworn I saw Zayn and Niall but I didnt care. I ran to the bathroom. I found my only friend, the little piece of metal. I cut through my arm plenty of times, letting the blood flow onto my arm. I was alone... Nobody Cared.

Louis's POV

I got upstairs and heard her crying in the bathroom... 'Wow... shes not smart,' I thought to myself after I realized the door was unlocked. I pushed it open... expecting to see her crying in the corner. She was laying in the bathtub, the shower was on and was flowing down onto her body, she was in only a bra and underwear, her left arm was covered in blood as she cried and the piece of metal held firmly in her right hand. 

"Carter?!" I hollered. Shocked. I closed the door and locked it. "What are you doing?!" I lowered my voice. 

"What does it look like?!" she replied in tears as she made a new cut in her arm.

"STOP!" I hollered. I grabbed the piece of metal from her. 

"Give it back!" she hollered. 

"NO! Stand up!" I hollered back... I was sure they could here us downstairs. 


"Shhh! Carter be quiet!" I said motioning that they could here us.

I sat on the side of the tub. "Why?!" my voice was quiet and I looked down at her. 

"Why not?" she shrugged and rubbed her arm. 

"Im sorry about your mom..." I looked down. 

"NO YOUR NOT! YOUR JUST WAITING TO PUNCH ME OR TELL ME HOW UGLY AND FAT I AM!!!" she hollered loud enough for the whole earth to hear her. 

"C'mon..." I held out my hand for her. To my suprise she took it. She tried to stand up... 

"Noo!" she screamed. She fell back down and held her leg. I bent down and picked her up... bridal style. I sat her down on the counter. I dampened a rag and rubbed it gently across her arm. I then took some medical tape and a bandage and wrapped up her arm to cover the cuts. I also un-wrapped her leg and re-wrapped it. 

"Carter.." I stated.

"Hmmm?" she sounded.

"You look really thin.." I said looking at her stomach, I could see her ribs and her legs were thin to. 

"No Im not! Im fat!" she laid her hand across her stomach. She was still in a bra and underwear... I didn't care. I then noticed the huge bruise that covered her stomach. 

"What happened to your stomach?!?!" I asked moving her hand away. 

"You..." she shrugged. I thought that back to this morning when I had kicked her in the stomach. "And Niall, I guess..." she added. 

I didnt say anything. "Here..." I handed her a towel. 

"Uhh, thanks..." she stated awkardly. 

"Your welcome..." I answered. "Here ill leave..." I grabbed the doorknob and was about to leave...

"Louis..." I heard her voice.

"Yea?" I turned around.

"Will you stay, I m-mean, uhh, yea please?" she looked at me.

"Sure.." I answered. 

"Ummm I hope you dont mind..." she said looking down at her body.

"Not really... I'll look away if you want?." I offered. 

"I dont care... but its kinda ugly so..." she answered and unhooked her bra. I looked down and thought about how many times I had called her fat and ugly. I looked at her sliding off her underwear... I didnt mind, I want going there. She wrapped up in the towel and nodded to me.

"Ready?" I asked. 

"Yep," she answered and I picked her up. 

"I could walk..." she stated.

"No you could feel pain and tears... we've had enough for today." I replied. "Which is your room?" I looked down the hall.

"That one..." she pointed to the one two doors down from the bathroom. I kicked open the door and carried her in. I sat her on the bed. She pulled open the drawer in the nightstand by her bed. She grabbed out a bra and underwear. 

"Could you get me a sweatshirt and some shorts?" she asked. 

"Why a sweatshirt?" I stupidly asked. She held up her arm...

"Here," I handed her a pair of black short-shorts and a white basketball shirt...short sleeve. 

"You like basketball?" I asked.

"Yea kinda" she shrugged. 

"Done" she said after sliding on the clothes. I tried to pick her up, I got it... She stood up. I could tell she felt pain but I didnt say anything and I followed her downstairs. 


"Im nineteen, Im legally allowed to keep her as my own..." Kyle stated. 

"Ok are you sure you can handle it?" the lady asked. 

"Yes I am." he answered. 

"What about her self-harm?" a officer spoke up. 

"Im fine." Carter said pushing through them and sitting at the table. 

"I guess its settled then..." the sheriff stood up. The police all stood up. By this time they had taken her moms body somewhere and all the ambulance were gone. 

"Bye sweetie," the lady hugged Carter. Me and the boys went and sat on the couch in the living room. The police had left and I guess Carter and Kyle had forgotten about us. 

"hey carter..." Kyle stated. "Yea?" she asked. "another chapter in our fairytale.

Carters POV

When I was seven and Kyle was ten we were watching Cinderella and we said we would think of our lives as fairytales. Every bad and good thing that happened would be another chapter in the fairytale. I felt like it kept us close... like brother like sister. 

"My friends are gonna come over..." Kyle said. 

"K," Carter got up and walked to the kitchen. She opened the fridge. 

"Get me some food!" Kyle said and went to the kitchen.

"Im not getting food..." Carter answered and she poured some orange juice. 

"Carter... You didnt have supper last night, I remember. You didnt have anything for breakfast, and unless your friends gave you some food you didnt have a lunch... you left it here remember?" he looked at her. "Carter thats almost two days... I havn't seen you eat at all."

"Just not hungry..."Carter replied sitting at the counter/bar.

"Carter?" Kyle leaned on the counter in front of her.

"Are you... a cutter?" he asked. 

"No." she lied. 

"Then why the bandage?" he motioned to it.

"I cut it, on the lockers at school..." she replied. 

"And your leg?" he asked.

"I uhh, fell on a piece of scrap metal someone left on the sidewalk." she lied. I had to admit it, she was a pretty good liar. 

"Well your friends seem nice.." he changed the topic.

"What friends?!" she looked confused. 

"Them four boys..." he stated blankly.

"Oh there not my... I mean yea there alright." she shrugged.

Zayn stood up and walked out the front door. Carter turned and saw we were still there. She looked down the got up and walked out. 

"Bye," Liam stated.

"Bye Kyle," me and Niall said together and folowed Liam out.



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