Hi im bethany and my family died in a car crash two years ago! I am now living in london with my besties maddy, garriyn, Alexis, sidney, and Christy!


3. the big day

liams pov.

I cant believe tonight is the night, the night of our two year anniversary!! It dosnt seem like it has been that long! I need to tell her how I feel about her! I havnt even told her that i love her! I need to!  I roll over in bed and see her laying there sleeping she is so beautiful!  I cant help but stare, she starts to squirm a bit so I pull her close and give her soft gentle kisses to wake her up! When she opens her eyes and says "happy anniversary babe!" "happy anniversary also , love! "  I pull her in for a pashionate long slow kiss! thats when niall and alexis bardge in and start to sing happy anniversary! "Gooo onnnn get outttt!!!!!" I yelled at niall. "Fine geez rough crowd" niall says then him and alexis run out holding hands! "Babe......" bethany says to me. "Yes love?" "Kiss me one more time then we will get up." "Well if you insist!!" So I pull her close and begun to kiss her then I finally pull away for breath! "Lets go down stairs babe" she insisted. " let meget dressed and I will be right down!"

Nialls pov.

Me and alexis are sitting on the couch when zayn and perrie comes down from their room wondering  where liam and bethany were when they come running downstairs! After them down came garriyn and harry, they were hand in hand. Then liam announces he will be making breakfast, eggs hashbrowns, and sausages! "Yummy" niall and alexis say in sync! "Its bethanys favorite!" " alright liam we get it its you and hers big day gosh dont rub it in!" Sidney gripes from halfway down the stairs!"gosh someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!" Harry said!  "and now I would like to introduce!!!" Louis said from upstairs. "Christy and louis tomlinson!!" Louis come out with Christy carrying her in a bridal carry!

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