Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


37. Cora


After Kota left I read the books the Leigh lent me and then went to the pool. I stared intently at the still water fear sweeping over me. The smell of salt water and the music of the waves filled my head, I felt calm. I sat down on the edge of the pool and slowly put my feet in. I gasped as I felt the tingle of my tail but no transformation. I felt the hunger I had been trying to suppress for so long. I closed my eyes and tried to tell myself that all of this was to test how I would do in water. I got out and instead of calling either Kota or Leigh, I ran into my room put on my swim suit and just stared at myself. The bags under my eyes had gotten so much darker, my ribs make me look like I hadn't eaten in a year, my spine was loud and proud on my back, my bikini was basically falling off me. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I ran up to the pool and slowly walked into the water. The feeling of being engulfed by the cool water was serene. I smiled a little and let myself be fully submerged. The tingle of my tail forming was intense as I felt my legs turn into one and could feel every scale form. My gills ripped through the skin on my neck and my fangs reluctantly formed and stayed. I opened my eyes to see my long aqua tail floating with me. All of a sudden the feeling of bliss was ripped from me as the feeling of someone carving into my skin went down my spine making me scream in the water, I saw a bright light that wasn't one from the pool itself and then blacked out. When I woke up I was still in the pool and the pain was gone. I swam around, twirled, flipped and giggled in the small pool we had. I felt so much better than I had in months. I got out and ran down to my room to grab my phone and call Kota. 

"Hey Cora" 

"Kota can you come over like right now?" 

A pause, "I dont know love, my mom wants me to be home tonight." 

"I promise you will be, but this is important will you please come over?" 

"Of course. Is everything ok?" 

I grinned, "Just bring your swimming shorts ok?" 


10 Minutes later Kota emerged from the stairs in his swim trunks and black t-shirt. He half smiled when he looked at me, I could tell it made him sad to see me like this. But I ran and gave him a hug anyways. 

"Whats goin on?" He asked as he pulled me off of him. 

"I can swim." I smiled so big, "Kota I can swim and its okay." 

He looked at me as if he didnt believe me, so I ran and jumped into the pool. Allowing myself to transform yet again. I broke through the surface to look at Kota and I just smiled and laughed. 

"Oh my god." Was all he said. I felt my fangs and I hoped he wouldn't be afraid to join me. But he made his way over to the side of the pool and put his feet in. I swam over and kissed him. 

He still didnt say anything, all he did was stare. 

"Kota are you ok?" I poked his leg, "Are you happy for me?"

He nodded slightly and still said nothing. I pulled myself up beside him on the side of the pool, expecting my tail to disappear like it usually did. But not this time. 

"Oh no," Kota looked at me, "Oh no no no." I pulled the rest of my tail out of the water and waited. Nothing happened. 

"Why aren't you changing back?" Kota asked with worried eyes.

"I have no idea. Can you call Leigh please." 

"Do you really need him?" 

I looked at Kota dead in the eyes, "Kota I dont care if you dont like him, I dont know whats going on and I can't exactly stay like this with my family around. Please just call him." 

Kota reluctantly called Leigh and he showed up quite quickly and covered in dirt. Both Kota and I looked at him with questionable expressions but could care less in the moment to ask about it. 

"So you can't change back?" Leigh said eyeing me up.

Kota didnt look impressed, "Do you know what wrong?"

"Mmmm Im guessing its her body telling her that she is kinda on her last stretch without feeding and you being a siren is going to "take control" as it were." Leigh explained with a shrug. 

"Oh so until I feed I will remain a full siren. Teeth and all." I said with a hiss, exposing my fangs.

Kota jumped a little, "So what does she need to feed on?" 

"Blood." Leigh and I said together. Instantly I felt the pit of hunger grow in my stomach. 

Kota shook his head and looked at me, "Babe I can't. Im so sorry but I can't." 

I nodded a little and gave him a small smile, "I know love. Dont even worry about it." 

Leigh crossed infront of Kota and kneeled next to me, "Take mine." He extended his wrist to me. My mouth watering at the sight of his veins. 

"A-are you s-sure?" I stuttered, not taking my eyes away from his wrist. 

"Cora you need it. Dont hesitate just do it." We locked eyes and for that moment everything stood still and I almost forgot that Kota was standing there watching. 

"Okay." I nodded and closed my eyes just before my fangs pricked into his skin. Hot liquid pouring into my mouth. Every gulp satisfying the hunger yet creating more at the same time. All I wanted was to drink until nothing was left to come out. I sighed with pleasure as an infinite amount of blood continued to flow into my mouth. 

A grunt from Leigh took me out of my trance and I opened my eyes to see his face pale and in pain. I reluctantly let go of him, it took everything I had to pry my fangs from his wrist. 

I was gasping for air as I lay on the pool edge, Kota no longer standing there, only Leigh kneeling by my side holding his wrist. 

"Oh-Oh my god." I gasped as I looked at the blood rushing down his arm, "Im so sorry!"

Leigh giggled in a different way, "Dont fret fish legs. I heal quickly so its nothing." 

I nodded, "Right right. Cuz you're a wolf." Leigh looked at me expecting a different expression than I felt. Tears welled up in my eyes and I just let myself sob. My hands covered my face as I still lay there, feeling my legs finally disappear. I felt arms grab me and prop me up in a sitting position. 

"Hey hey," Leigh's raspy voice whispered in my ear, "Its okay. You're okay."

I finally looked up at him, "Leigh please dont let me do it again." 

He smirked, "Hey you know Im probably the best to do it to, as I heal quite quickly." 

I shook my head, "Dont joke please I feel awful." 

He wiped my tears away, "Okay fine. But Im always an option okay?" I nodded. 

"Where did Kota go?" I asked between sniffles. 

"Um, I think he went downstairs." Leigh said with a cold tone. 

"Can you help me up?" Leigh grabbed my arms and helped me to my feet, when he let go I stumbled over and fell onto the floor scraping my knees. Leigh gave out a large sigh and picked me up.

"We can't take you anywhere can we?" He looked right at me, noses touching, "This isn't going to look good to your boyfriend." I didnt have the words to reply or the energy to care. I should have cared more, every part of me knew that but I could barely stand let alone walk by myself. 

"Why do you have to do that?" I glared as he walked us down the stairs.

"Do what?" 

"Constantly remind me that I have a boyfriend." Leigh didnt say anything as he brought me into my room where Kota sat staring out my window. 

"Hey human." 

"What do you want?" Kota replied not turning around. 

Leigh put me down on the bed and covered me in a blanket, "I brought your girl down."

Kota finally turned around and saw me, and I swear I actually winced a little bit, "Thanks." 

Leigh left and Kota went into the bathroom and brought back out a warm washcloth, "You have a little something on your face love." 

I frowned and hid my face, "Its okay Kota you can go Ill fix it." 

Kota took my hands away from my face and grabbed my chin lightly with his smooth fingertips and wiped the blood off my face. I saw no fear in his eyes, he actually smiled. 

"Cora Im not scared of you. I love you." 

I couldn't help but cry again and then hugged him really hard. I felt Kota's smile appear against my neck and when we pulled away from each other he took off his shirt and put it on me. His tempting abs begging for me to touch them and his sexy grin that just made me want to attack his lips with my own. 

I traced my finger down his muscles, "This isn't fair you know," I said biting my lip.

He smirked at me and winked in a way that made me blush, "Whats not fair?" He started to kiss my neck and lay me down on my bed his hands creeping up my shirt. Our night was clearly not over as we kissed every part of each other sighing and moaning together. 

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