Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


29. Cora


I couldnt stand it, i felt abandoned and i just couldnt take being different in a place where everyone i knew was normal. 
Mom and jon were out again, the only thing to keep me company was the soft waves as i lay tail in the pool. 
Finally the oceans songs rang in my ears so much that i gave in, i got out of the pool and ran down to the shore just above the thick dark trees. I closed my eyes and smiled as the sent of salt filled my nose. Without a second thought i ran into the water and let it embrace me as my tail formed, swimming in a pool didnt even come close to this. 
I smiled down and my silver aqua tail, that actually started to look more silver than aqua, and began to let the rythm of the waves carry me as i swam. 
I felt better than i had since kota told me he wanted nothing to do with, i was determined not to let it bring me down. Not right now. 
Fish were swimming with me as we glided through the water, a happy dream. But all of a sudden a shiver went through me and there were no longer any life in sight. I was confused of what was going on and then i heard the crack of thunder. Oh no. Bright blasts of lightening lit up the water as i paniced to escape possible electricution. I ripped through kelp forest wove through bolders, desperately trying to find my way to shore. 
Adrenaline coursing through my veins i didnt see something that was infront of me, i heard a loud thud in my head and saw complete darkness. 

When i awoke i had no idea where i was, with both my legs stuck onder a large rock from the storm and an extreme pain from my forhead gave me the gist of what happened. I reached down to my legs to try and get the rock off but it was too big for me lift off at such an awkward angle. The pressure was starting to make its was to an ache as it continued to crush me. I started to look around the beach to see if there was anyone else on the beach that could helpe me, but judging by the minimal light in the sky i guessed it was either early morning or almost evening. Not knowing was starting to scare me. 
I lay back down and tried to think of a way out of and a way to get back home. Then a raspy voice from above me caught my attention,
"you look like youre in need of some help." i looked up to see a dark figure standing above me,
"um yah can you lift this off of me please," i replied in a small voice. 
Without saying anything else he pushed the rock off of me and offered me a hand as i stood up. Without thinking i took it, his rough hands causing my stomach to flutter the slightest bit. 
I then looked at him properly, taking in his fair skin, short black hair and incredoble hazel eyes.
"You ok?" he asked, bringing me out of my trance. 
"Fine. Thanks for the help." i turned to walk away so i could find some sort of way home but his voice stopped me yet again. 
"Are you lost?" 
"Im fine." 
"If youre sure." he turned to walk away but i knew he was my only help. 
"Wait." he stopped, "i need help to get home." 
I waited for his response, after a brief moment he turned me with a friendly smile upon his face, 
"Okay follow me." 
That was the last thing he said to me as we walked through the brightening forest until we reached a small secluded cabin amongst the trees. 
"I have a phone and map inside if you would like to come in." he gave a short smile and entered the house. I waited a moment pondering whether it was a good idea to go into a total strangers house. But it was the only way i was going to get home so i went in after him.
"Heres the phone," he handed me a chordless land line and i dialed my moms cell, her voicemail popped up.
"Hey mom just letting you know im okay and will be home as soon as i can, love you." and i hung up. Just to make sure thee message would get to my mom i decided to call kota. He actually answered. 
"Hey its cora."
Silence filled the call. 
"Im sorry for calling i just wanted you to reach out to my mom to let her know that im okay and will be home as soon as i can." 
"Of course. Is everything ok?" 
"Do you even care anymore." 
It wasnt a question, i knew he was trying his hardest not to. 
I cut him off, tears starting to form in my eyes.
"Just let her know ok?" 
I hung up. Trying to keep it together infront of the total stranger standing in from of me with a curious look on his face.
"You ok?" 
"Id rather not talk about it if thats okay." 
"Fine by me. So what else can i do for you?" 
"Can you give me directions to your nearest bus station?" 
"Sure." a small pause, "where do you live?" 
Without hesitation i replied, "edmontian."
He nodded slowly, "im sure your not in any real hurry considering you are all the way out here, do you want a ride?"
He seemed nice enough and i, for some reason, trusted him. 
"Okay," i said with a smile, "but i think its only fair that i know the name of the person who will be driving me'."
He gave a smirk that made my knees go a little jelly.
"Leigh. What your name mistery girl?" 
I giggled and replied, "im cora." 
He nodded his head towards the window indicating it was time to leave. We left his small house and got into a musmy red truck that strongly smelt of the forest and all that was apart of it. 
"So how did you end all the way in port garner?" he asked
"Thats where we are?!" i blurted out and he looked at strangely for a second before averting his eyes back to the road.
"You dont know where you are?" 
"It was a long night." 
"Oh i get it." 
"You do?" 
"Yah you were smashed" 
I gave a small chuckle
"Actually not my thing, just was a long night." 
He nodded in disbelief.
"So do you live in that small cabin?" i asked wanting to change the subject.
"No i just go there sometimes." 
"Oh okay." 
We drove in on and off silence letting small conversations keep a large amount of awkwardness out of the truck.
"Hey there is an amazing place to go swimming round here do you want to go?" 
"I should probably get home." 
"Oh common youre already in your swimsuit, why not?" 
"I just dont want to." 
"Fine but i want to so you can stay in here or you can come." 
He pulled over and hopped out of the truck, rolling my eyes i followed him to a large pot whole filled with light blue water. My heart yerned to just jump in and swim to the very bottom, enjoying the embrace of the fresh water around my aquatic body.
He ripped off his shirt to reveal more of his fair skin, making my stomach flip. 
Leigh screamed a cheerful noise and jumped right in to the still water making it no longer clear to its very depths. 
"Arent you going to come in?" he beckoned, making me want to more.
"I told you i cant." the feeling of regret filling my body. 
"Oh yes you can. Come on cora its amazing!!" 
Without a thought of the consiquences of leigh seeing me i ran and jumped in, resurfacing beside his handsome face and perfect lips. And then i felt it, my legs fusing together becoming my tail. Terror filled my entire body and i tried to get out of the pot hole the best i could before he saw. 
"Cora are you okay?" he asked very concerned as i panic swam away from him.
"I cant. I gotta get out!" 
He swam over to me to help me put but it was too late. My silver tail appeared and the gills on my neck ripped through my skin and appeared. He saw. Leigh saw all of me. Crap. 
He didnt say anything, nor did he take his hand off my back. He just stared.
"Wow." escaped his lips in a whisper. 
I started to cry, "i told you i couldnt." 
He pulled me into him and held me there.
"Its amazing. Youre amazing." 
I looked at him, "really?"
He smirked, "really." 
"Why are you not freaking out?" 
"Everyone has their own secrets." 
That lead me to believe he had one ove his own. 
"I guess so. Im a siren. What are you?"
He chuckled, "oh you caught that huh?" 
He winked at me, "im a wolf" 
I shook my head. 
"Haha youll see it one day." 
"So theres going to be a one day?"
He smiled, "if you want there to be." 
When i didnt answer right away he looked nervous, 
"I would like that" i smiled back at him. I finally found someone who unsterstood 'not normal'. 

Back in Leighs car I just couldnt stop smiling. I looked back at him as he stared at the road on the rest of our journey.
My smile disappeared, "huh?" 
"You were staring at me, whats up?" 
I blushed, "oh sorry, i was lost in thought."
A smirk appeared on his face which made me blush even harder.
We were driving through edmontonian everything as it normally was until we approached my house. 
Both mom and jon were on the front steps on the house, worried looks soread across their faces. 
"You ok?" leigh asked from the drivers seat.
"I should be." a short pause, "but you should probably stay here." 
He nodded slightly and reached for his hoodie, " hopefully your parents dont think poorly of you because you are with a stranger in your swimsuit." 
I smiled and put the hoodie on, it smelling like musky forest and bringing a warm sensation to my heart. 
"Thank you leigh, you have no idea what youve done for me." 
He smiled and nodded me off. As i got out of the car i turned back  before he could drive off, " dont be a stranger ok?" he gave a big smile, "okay." and with that he drove off.

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