Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


1. Cora


Socials class is the worst. It's the class where i can never focus on what the teacher is saying. I focus on other things, like Jake Tanner, home, Tundra (my horse, but mostly Jake Tanner. Jake was the cutest guy in the eleventh grade and he and i are kinda friends, i mean his locker is next to mine so when he isn't with his obnoxious buddies he will talk to me. Jake is also on the rugby team so he is quite popular with the girls at school, but he is single! 


I was dozing off so much that i didn't write down the homework or notes that needed to be taken, but since my best friend Kota knows me so well, he wrote down the homework for me. i smiled at him as a thanks, "I'll send you the notes tonight ok?" "ok" i smiled again. Kota is like a brother to me, we have known each other since we were babies and he is my next door neighbour. Kota has amazing green eyes, curly brown hair. "Are you still having a girls night tonight with your mom?" I nodded, "Yup" mom and i always have a girls night once every couple of months because we don't spend much time together anymore because of our busy scheduels. Since my dad died three years ago in Cosmic Lake my mom has been dating a man named Jon. I dont like him to much. He steals my mom away and since i already don't see her very much because we are both so busy, it's hard when she is with him or when he is over for dinner or something. "I am going to go get some chips and ice cream right now, want to come with?" he just nodded and we headed out to his car. He drove me to the grocery store, I quickly ran in to get the stuff and then when i sat back down in Kota's car he ask me, "so how's Jon?" i saighed, "dont know, dont care." Kota raised his eyebrows at me and then started driving back home. When we got into Kota's drive way he just said, "ok so i will send you the notes tonight." i just nodded and then i walked to my house. When i got into my house i knew that mom wasn't home. Maybe she is out getting a movie for tonight, i thought. But when i walked into the kitchen i saw a note, it read: Hey my angel, i am so sorry but i can't do our girls night tonight, Jon set up a date that i just couldn't refuse. I love you lots! XXOO ~Mom

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" I yelled in fustration, he took her away again. 


I was so angry, so i grabbed a spoon from the kitchen, took the ice cream and put on Star Wars episode two. I was cheering on the Jedi as they battled against geonotions, but then all i wanted to do was be with Tundra. Tundra is my horse, she is a light grey with smokey legs and mane. She has the spirit of a wolf, just like her mother did. 


So i went out to the barn and hopped on Tundra, without thinking about anything else we were off to Cosmic Lake. We arrived at the lake within about ten minutes. I climbed into my favourite tree and just ranted to Tundra about life. Before i could finish telling her about Jon i heard a snap from behind me. I quickly turned around and saw a cougar, i hoped down from the tree and made myself look big, that's what you do right?, since i wasn't sure i made some loud noises to scare it off. The cat backed up but before it could do anything else i started running Tundra ran away totally forgetting about me. The cougar was definately following me, i heard its growl before it pounced. The cougar jumped and stuck its claws into my back and ripped down. I let out a scream of pain and fell onto the sand of the beach. Before the cougar could kill me Tundra ran and defended me, it took a while before the cat understood that it didn't have a chance. I was losing to much blood, I am going to die where my father did i thought. I looked out at the water before passing out from blood loss. The last thing i saw before i passed out was a girls face in the water.

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