The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


11. Want him

Samantha's pov i love zayn but he doesn't deserve a girl like her she killed her son she'll probably do it again besides i haven't told him I'm pregnant.he sat on the couch with me.he said when do i break up with her?.i said later but i need to tell you something.he said what?.

zayns pov samantha compelled me to be with her but she doesn't know i have a ring on.i went to her house to fool her.i sat next to her and we started talking and then she said she got pregnant with me on the first date and we had sex on that date.and she has a 2 year old eyes widened i had to tell her.i said I'm not in love with you samantha you can't compel me.she looked at my finger and said why can't you stay with me you will be safe here with me but if you stay with that girl you'll be in danger and if she attacks you,you can't kill her she has no heart shes a ghost zayn!.my eyes widened.i said the why can i touch her?.she said because you said niall revived her right?.i nodded my head yes.she said niall doesn't eat much blood only human food so hes weakso shes only a ghost but you can touch her if he did revive her fully she would have a heart.i said I'm breaking up with you but ill see you soon.

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