The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


10. He's mine!

Layns pov i woke up on a bed and got up i found a box that said Danger! I didn't know what it meant so i opened it and found a bunch of pictures of girls on the Barton of the box it said girlfriend I'm dating and it had a picture of a girl but not mommy i took the picture and on the back it said the same thing it said on the bottom of the box.i put it in my pocket.the door suddenly opened and i saw mommy she hugged me and i pushed her away and said daddy Is cheating on you!.i gave her the picture and she read the back she started crying and then said come with me i followed her outside and saw my uncles and daddy she picked me up and gave me to uncle harry she stared at him angry and left uncle harry said sooty for not giving her to you earlier i was afraid she was gonna kill you again i said its ok.

Zayns pov i have been trying to breakup with Samantha ever since Megan was alive again she said to forget about her and to keep dating her i told her about layn and she said forget about him to children are sluts!.i ran home and saw Megan and layn!i missed him i hugged him and kissed him.i came outside to see if samantha was there she was.she came inside i did to and tried catching her but grabbed layn.her eyes turned black and i realized she is a hybrid and a witch.i stepped back everyone else did too.megan attacked Samantha.samantha reached in her body and her eyes widened when she pulled her hand out and there was no heart.she ran out with layn i went to go get her but she put a spell on the door.

samantha pov i took the kid and took him to an abandoned house i tied him to to chair and i felt a huge pain there was no cars on the streets so i took him outside to make him cold.he said rain and started raining and thunder went next to me and then we heard tornado sirens i turned to see a tornado it went next to me but didnt take me i noticed it didn't have anything in it he said let me go or you die!.he now had black eyes and he started turning black i said no!.he grabbed my with the black from his skin and was about to put me in the tornado when the tornado was gone and the weather was back to normal the siren ended but he was still grabbing me with his black thing.the black went away and he was back to normal i fell to the floor and got up i went to him and bit him i was tooken away from him and turned around to see zayn i looked into his eyes and said you are in love with me you will no longer be with that girl only me.protect me and take me home now!.i looked at the girl and said hes mine we ran to my house and went inside.

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