Universal Rants

This me ranting about anything in general. Most of it will be about movellas though.


6. Rant #6

This rant is about people who respond to your attempts to help them improve their writing, with hate.

Recently, I thought I might try my hand at reading a fanfiction. I found this one, it was about a girl who is abused by her dad and runs away and meets one of the band members I told her that she needed to space things out. his is exactly what I said "Umm. I don't know how to say this, but this story is alright, but it could be a lot better, if you put in more paragraphs, dialogue needs to start a new paragraph, you also need to put in a paragraph every now and then...." I put in some more stuff, but that isn't relevant to this rant.

The reply I got was this, (it was from a fan and not the actual author)

"Uh like stop judging her its her book and she can write it however she wants this is not like some kind of teacher confrence geez so bak of but I'm not trying to be mean but just take my advice luv"

That was word for word, spelling mistakes included, and may I mention, that she didn't use a single full stop or comma anywhere. Naturally I responded:

"No, I am trying to help her. This is the point of movellas, to help others improve. I am giving advice to help her improve. You could aslo improve your spelling. Luv."

I later added:

"I wasn't judging her anyway. I was pointing out how she could make this better."

First off, how is what I was doing judging? I wasn't talking about the author as a person, I was talking about the movellas.The point of this website is too improve and help others improve.

Another thing that angers me is that anything besides. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE or OMG i love this movella, is taken as an insult.

Anyway, I might add to this later


Rant Over (for now)

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