Universal Rants

This me ranting about anything in general. Most of it will be about movellas though.


4. Rant #4

Recently I stumbled across a little movella called. "the no homophobes campaign" a great stimulus for today's rant. Homophobes, I know I know. They are generally people that make comments like:

"If they want AIDS it's up to them"

No, just no. AIDS is actually more common in straight couples then gay couples.

Homophobes are afraid of change or difference, kainotophobia. Or they could just have Lesbophobia(fear of lesbians) Homophobia (fear of homosexuals typically men) or Biphobia (fear of bisexuals) but it most commonly the first one.

Another disgusting comment is:

"if people don't choose to be gay, and are born with it then its a genetic defect and they should be separated from the general public and put into facilities like mental illness"

Homosexuality isn't a disease, it certainly isn't contagious. Therefore I don't see any need to separate them from anybody.

"Just because homosexuality is more socially acceptable, doesn't make it right, it was once socially acceptable to beat your wife, and we know thats wrong. Homosexuals are an abomination and don't have any right to taint the sanction fo marriage."

Ah, do you know gay marriage was once legal so if you think like that, they have already "tainted the sanction of marriage" So your argument is invalid.

"whoever said here gay marriage doesn't affect us so why are we against it! well ummm durr yes it does you d*khead it affects our future generations, if we allow it next thing you know we will have a whole gen of gays and we will be sending morally wrong messages to our kids that sucking other males d*k is acceptable. and its def not natural. if u wanna do it keep it to yourselves."

Yes that is exactly how it was spelt. It actually doesn't affect anybody. One of my best friends parents are gay, both of them. It hasn't had any affect on me, my friends or anybody else in the school. In fact her parents are some of the nicest people. Apart from one of her asshole dads. I would be more worried about the messages your sending your children with that spelling, grammar and punctuation. Hurts my eyes, I realy wanted to correct it, but I promised myself I wouldn't.

Anyway now we know some of the things going through people's heads I'm goning to go and leave you all to contemplate where you stand in all of this, I will stand by the right side, with the nice, grammatically correct and cooler people.


Rant over.

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