Skylin is a Montainian in the Alborn Galaxy. All her life her parents have controlled her life and tried to make her like them, but with no success. Skylin has her mind set on leaving her home planet to travel the galaxy with her friend Rocka. But when they leave their planet, the galaxy isnt as wonderful as they had imagined. It is filled with greed and darkness that tries to fight its way into every planet known to anyone, anywhere. As Rocka and Skylin get sucked into some of the darkness, they have ups and downs of their own. Trust is broken, friends may be lost and skills are developed. As long as Skylin's flame still glows, she has the hope and strength for anything she faces.


11. Waking up

I woke up to a large gush of cold water on my face, my eyes opened and I looked around, four people were looking down at me. Rocka, Troy, and two others I didn't recognize. Troy held his hand out to me and pulled me up. I looked at the other two that were there, "Are you OK?" The girl said, she was absolutely beautiful. She had very pale pink skin with full red lips and bright blue eyes, her deep red hair was pulled back by a black head band letting her pointed ears show while her hair flowed down to her mid-thigh area, "Yah Im good," She smiled at me showing her pointed teeth, "Im Tryn by the way," I smiled back at her, "Skylin" She nodded towards the other guy that was there, "And this is Mox" I smiled at him as he gave me a nod. Mox was about at tall as Troy but with a mop of straight black hair that hid his blood red eyes and a large scar running down from his hair line to his cheek bone. He also had white stripes running from his chin and down his neck, his skin tone was a deep purple and I actually couldn't guess what he was. I knew that Tryn was a witch from Raydon but I had no idea what Mox was but I was very interested to find out. The only reason why I knew what colour his eyes really were and about his scar is because he pulled his hair back letting me look at him. "Its really nice to meet you guys, Troy mentioned you in the elevator earlier." I said looking at both Tryn and Mox. Rocka smiled at Troy and then looked back to me, "Sky I thought those were over," I looked down feeling slightly embarrassed, "I know. Sorry." She hugged me and then the five of us turned around and I saw a large circle containing two fighting people with swords.

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