Skylin is a Montainian in the Alborn Galaxy. All her life her parents have controlled her life and tried to make her like them, but with no success. Skylin has her mind set on leaving her home planet to travel the galaxy with her friend Rocka. But when they leave their planet, the galaxy isnt as wonderful as they had imagined. It is filled with greed and darkness that tries to fight its way into every planet known to anyone, anywhere. As Rocka and Skylin get sucked into some of the darkness, they have ups and downs of their own. Trust is broken, friends may be lost and skills are developed. As long as Skylin's flame still glows, she has the hope and strength for anything she faces.


2. Being late

When Rocka and i arrived at my house we just went straight up to my room. She was still crying, so we sat on my bed and i just hugged her until we both fell asleep. 


When i woke up Rocka was still asleep so i went down to the kitchen and grabbed some food for us to eat. My parents didn't know she was here and after our fight last night, maybe that was a good thing. I would, of corse, explain the situation to my parents soon though. When i went up to my room Rocka was gone. But then i heard soft singing and the shower, so i knew it was her. i quietly got dressed for school and then waited for Rocka to get out. When she did she put on her clothes from last night and came back into my room smelling fresh. 


She just looked at me, "Sky, thank you. You Montainian's are pretty amazing." she smiled at me, i grinned, "Anything for my best friend" she hugged me and we laughed. we always have each others back. After we stopped hugging i looked at the clock and then i realized we were going to be late. So we quickly stuffed our faces with breakfast and then got on my speeder to head to school. As it turned out we were late, so we had to get scanned. I hate being scanned, it makes me feel uncomfertable. Rocka and i sighed and rolled her eyes. After we were scanned we headed to astro class. My absolute favourite class.  

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