Trying To Be Drama Free

With the wildness of One Direction and adding all the girlfreinds and all the drama. Theres nothing drama free.


1. Cast

Harry as Harry

Liam as Liam

Niall as Niall

Louis as Louis

Zayn as Zayn

Keirsten as Nialls Girl Friend

Emily (Me) as Louis Girl Friend

Mia as Zayns Girl Friend

Mieissa as Liams Girl Friend

Caitlyn as Emilys Best Friend

Caitlyn as Harry's Ex


Emily's POV

I sat there waiting for Caitlyn to get here. She said she had a huge surprise for me. I love her she always had something to say. I heard a know at my door.

"Hi Im Harry," The guy at the door said.



Okay so..... This is just a start for right now! I hope yall will love the many more chapters to come!

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