The Witch' and The Werewolf

Aella Stark has the life she's always wanted. She gets to share her passion for animals, art, and potography with the students she teaches everyday, she has a loving and supportive friends that want her to be nothing but happy in life, and she's happy being a strong independent woman and not having to rely on anyone for help for anything. But all that changes when Drace Blake comes to town and gets a job at the school she works out. He is a handsome stranger who captivates Aella but she doesn't know why and she doesn't know why she is dreaming of him even before they've met.


2. Tour of the Campus.

  It was lunch time (2:00pm and I didn't have anymore classes today) and me and Maria were in my class room eating. We were at on of the desks.

   "So why did you run of from Mr.Hottie?" She asked me after I took a drink of my soda. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a Sprite when Maria left to go get us lunch and she got a regular cheeseburger with fries and a Coke. We usually got similar things to eat no matter where we were.

  "Okay, so you remember those dreams I've been having every night for the last six months that I told you about?" I asked her as I set my drink down and ate a fry.

  "Yeah but what do they have to do with Mr.Sexy?" She looked at me as she chewed the bite she took from the cheeseburger.

  "This is going to sound extremely crazy but that's the guy in the dream." I told her and she looked shocked for a second then shook it off.

  "First off that is not crazy I've heard crazier from you, second so! Go get him you said in the dreams he made you feel better then any guy has." She looked at me then dropped a fry into her mouth.

  "But that's the thing it was a dream, and how did I have a dream about a guy I don't even know for the last six months then met him here?" I asked looking at her forgetting about my cheeseburger which only had one bite left.

  "I don't know why don't you go see your High Priestess Mariana she might be able to tell you." She answered. After I moved here I met Mariana and she showed me the coven and a day or two later I joined a coven and it's been the best thing ever because after that I joined a defensive fighting class that one of the other girl's showed me and they all have been like family to me. Mariana and her husband are the only people outside the coven that have excepted the fact that I'm a witch. My family doesn't like and told me not to go see them till I was christian again. (But my mother was a major influence on hating this then anyone else in my family.)

  "Good idea I'll go see her after work." I told then ate the last of the cheeseburger.

  "Now why don't we both go see what Mr.Delicious is up to." She winked as she got up and threw her trash away.

  "Fine but why do you keep calling him Mr.Hottie, Mr.Sexy etc?" I asked throwing away my trash as she grabbed our drinks.

  "Because he's a teacher and he is all those things and you know it." She laughed as we walked out of the room.

  "Whatever." I laughed then Mike walked out of his office and stopped us.

  "Maria I need your help so will you please come with me and Aella go show Drace Blake around please, he is either in his room or in the teacher lounge eating lunch." Mike told me then walked off down a different hall and Maria followed him.

  'Great.' I thought as I started down the hall again. I figured I'd go cheek the teacher's lounge first since it was the closest one. When I looked in he was the only one there and he was eating at one of the tables, I took a deep breath then walked in. When I opened the door he looked over and when he saw me he got a gigantic smile on his face for some reason and I couldn't help but smile back at me.

  "Um hi we didn't get to meet properly this morning, I'm Aella Stark the Horse and Photography teacher." I told when I walked over to the table he was at and stretched out my hand for him to shake it.

  "I'm Drake Blake the new Language Art's teacher." He smiled grabbing my hand as he stood up. When he touched my hand sparks flew threw my body and his hand was warm, both things shocked me well the sparks more then the warmth of his hand, which I knew he felt the sparks also and his smile was even more amazing then it was in the dreams.

  "Do you need a tour of the campus because I can show you around." I told a minute later as I looked at him and it was exactly like it looked in the dreams.

  "That would be nice." He kept smiling at me then let go of my hand.

  "Okay come on I'll show you around." I turned around and walked towards the door and I heard him follow me, "What do you want to see first?" I asked him as I looked back after I walked out the teachers lounge.

  "What all is there?" He asked me curiously.

  "The gym which is in the east wing, the north wing, the west wing which is also were the pool is, the courtyards the football field, the stables where the horses are, trails and this hall." I answered as he looked at me as we walked next to each other and he was pretty close to me.

  "How about the Stables first." He replied.

  "Alright we have to go threw my class room its the quickest way there." I told him heading towards to my class.

  "Wait so you teach in the stables and in a class?" He asked looking at me as we got closer to my class.

  "Yeah all my classes report to that room and I take attendance but the difference is that the kids I teach about horses go out to the stables after I'm done but when I have photography they stay in the class unless we go around campus and take pictures. That's why the stables are closest to my class room" I answered then opened the door to the class room walked into it.

  "That makes since." He smiled at me, "so how long have you worked here?" He asked as we walked threw the room.

  "Since I was twenty so two years now." I replied opening the side door which lead outside to the stables.

  "Do you like it here?" He looked at me.

  "Yeah I get to do the three things I love." I smiled more to myself then anyone else as we walked to the stables.

  "What are those three things?" He asked me.

  "Being around horses, taking pictures, and teaching." I answered as we walked into the stables, "Okay so there's Flicka she's a Stallion."-I told pointing to the all black horse's nose.-"that's Icebell." I pointed to an all white horse that had a black dot on her side that looked like a bell we didn't now the breed of most the horses except four and Flicka was one that we knew.-"That's Belle." I pointed to an all brown one. "That's Dutchess she's a stallion also." I told pointing to an all white one that had a black tail and main. "Zulu she's a Mustang and she's very affectionate." I told passing a black one that had white dots on her. "That's Melody he's the sweetest horse ever." I smiled as I pointed to an all white horse. "And this Romeo he's a mustang and we named him that because all the girl horses are always around him and he's my horse basically." I petted an all black one that had a white streak threw his main and a white diamond shape on his forehead.

  "They're so pretty. Why don't we go ride one?" He looked at me.

  "We can if we have time after I show you around." I answered him, "So lets go show you the rest of the campus." I smiled then gave Romeo a kiss on the top of the nose then walked away.

  "Good idea." He smiled then followed me out of the Stables.

                                                                                                 ~Two Hours Later~

  I just got to my High Priestesses house and she was already walking down the porch steps towards my car.

   "Hello Aella." She smiled at me as I got out of my brand new all black 2013 Cobra Mustang on both sides going from the front tire to the back and it was white and I had blue head lights and the inside was leather.

  "Hello Mariana, do you have a second I have a quick question I have to ask." I looked at her as I walked around my car.

  "I always have time for you Aella." She smiled at me.

  "Thank you." I smiled back.

  "Lets talk on the porch." She said walking back up to her porch and I followed silently.

  "So what is on your mind Aella?" She asked once we sat down in one of the chairs on the porch.

  "I was wondering if you knew what it meant if someone was having the same dream at night for six months and it had the same guy in it a guy you've ever seen or met before but then he shows up and it's the exact guy from the dreams? Oh and when they touch that person sparks go threw them and they feel like they have a connection with this person and wants to be with them all the time?" I looked at her.

  "I have only heard that in werewolves never in a witch, it happens when a werewolf see's their mate/imprint but they didn't know that was their mate/imprint and they won't stop having them until they find their mate and the spark thing happens when they found their mate that's how they can tell and that's how they know it's their mate. Why?" She asked me and I didn't want her to know it was me that was having these dreams.

  "My friend asked me about it because I guess her sister has been having them." I lied.

  "Okay well I have to get ready for the coven meeting tomorrow." She told me.

  "Okay I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled at her then got up and went to my car.


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