best summer ever

18 year old maddie and abby have the best summer ever when they meet the boys of there dreams


10. chapter 10

maddies p.o.v

i woke up next to niall talking in his sleep. "no no no dont take the food please" niall said in his sleep. i started to crack up. i rolled over to face the other way,i layed there for a while untill i felt nialls arms wrap around my waist. i smiled he tucked his head into my shoulder. he is such a cuddle bug. he was so warm and i felt so safe in his arms. "morning princess" he said then kissing my nose. i smiled "morning"i said back. " come on princess lets go eat then get ready for the day" he said while climbing down from the top bunk. "ok sounds good" i said. niall reached the bottom and stood there waiting for me. before i could climb the ladder he told me to jump. "what!" i said. "come on i will catch you" he gave me a smirk "ummm ok fine" i said. i was getting ready to jump and niall stood there with his arms out. "on 3,1,2,3" i jumped and he caught me we started to laugh. he put me down and we went into the kitchen.

nialls p.o.v

when i caught maddie i started to laugh. i put her down and we went into the kitchen. i grabbed maddies hand and i pulled her close. she smiled it was so cute when she smiled her dimples would show and i loved it. we walked into the kitchen and everyone was already in there. everyone was eating and laughing. maddie was clingy to me she didnt want to let go. she was being shy. she didnt know anyone she only knew abby. abby was chatting up a storm with perrie. maddie just wouldnt let go it was so cute. the whole time she ate she had her hand in mine. after breakfast me and maddie sat on the couch cuddling. i started to play with her hair and she just layed on my lap she was so cute. everyone was talking it would get quiet but then we would start talking again. louis walked over to me and maddie "hey lad we have a concert in 20 minutes go get ready" louis said to me i got up and maddie followed. "look i love you maddie but go chat go make some friends cause your gonna be with them for a year" she let go of my hand "ugh ok fine love you" she said while walking away. i grabbed her hand and pulled her back. "oh so i dont get a kiss?" she smiled and kissed me and walked away. i love her so much. 

abbys p.o.v

i dont know why maddie was being so shy. she is always so outgoing and funny. she walked over to us girls and sat down perrie pulled her into a hug "omg your nialls girlfriend" maddie smiled "yea" perrie smiled we all talked maddie ended up being her crazy self and she was jumping up and down and screaming. perrie leaned in to tell me something "now i see why maddie and niall are dating she is niall but a girl" we all laughed. the boys came out they were all ready for the concert. us girls went and got ready after we got ready we pulled up to the concert we went backstage and we were goofing off. "2 minutes boys" paul said. "ok!!!" the boys screamed. we all laughed. louis came over to me and he kissed me and hugged me "i love you" he said " i love you to" i smiled and we hugged for a while and same with the rest of the girls and there boyfriends. "come on boys its time to go" paul said . they all walked out and on to the stage "first day on tour its gonna be a fun year" maddie said we all smiled "well at least we all have each other" sophia (liams girlfriend) said. 

*hey guys sorry i havent updated in forever im gonna try to be updating more but its hard cause school starts in 2 days and i will try to update as much as possible love you guys*

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