are you sure

you thought zany would be the worlds best boy friend just think again


2. No one but me

Hayloo!!!! My name is Christine.... I am very insecure... I know I am don't hate me for it. my mom had died when I was only 7, in a house fire ( she wasn't the best cooker). she was the funnyiest person you could ever meet. I miss her so much sometimes I just wish I can stop my life here and go with my mom. I am told I am really pretty, but people say I ask for too much i am always told ' Your fuckin'  pretty what else do you want?'. Well its not that easy I only see my dad twice a year another than that I am always with Q. All my 'friends' 'love' me because my Dad is manager of One Direction. And i hate it because 1D basicly takes my dad away and we barely get to see him. So basicly in my life there's no one but me.

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