Fix You

He was no good for me.... he is not the kind of love that I wanted. He is just no right.... I wish I could find that person, that one special person that could actually love me.... not love me like the way Alexander did. I want somebody who actually cares... somebody to be there, somebody that whenever we hug we could feel each other's heartbeats beating for each other. Someone that doesn't matter how long we've been together, would still give me butterflies every time we kiss. Someone to fix me....


1. What is he doing here?

So...where do I start? Oh, yeah!
Dear Diary;
My name is Madison Ichinose. I'm 18 years old. I like to listen to punk, rock and metal. My favorite songs are the acoustic ones though. I live alone (by now) in my dad's house in the middle of England. My dad is a japanese-italian architect that only cares for traveling with his stupid, ignorant and dumb girlfriend and only cares for making money.I mean,we're already rich. Why want more money?! It's not like he's going to buy La Mona Lisa or something.
My mom left me when I was little for another guy, but that doesn't matter much to me now.

Uhh I hate the fact that Marley dared me to start a diary. It's soo frustrating and BORING. I mean, who cares if I was born September the eleventh?! Or that i put music real loud while i shower?! Oh well, I still need to do this so that I can win.

It's 12pm and I'm so tired.My best friend Marley took me to a club last night. She said I needed to cheer up more and forget all about my break up with Alexander.

I still can't believe how I could do groceries. In the middle of the summer, in England, and i still have energy.

I went outside to look for more groceries in my car. I saw my neighbor Mr.Payne and I waved hello. He is like a father to me. He's also the dad of my best friend, Liam.

I shouted a  "good afternoon!", got the groceries, and got in my cool cold house. It felt like a hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit outside, but it was actually around ninety degrees.

I don't really care of putting the groceries in the cabinets or just leaving them there in the wooden floor. Marley will end up eating them all anyways while she's watching MTV.

I sat on the couch and hugged a fluffy purple pillow. I love fluffy stuff, especially fluffy pandas. I LOVE PANDAS!

I got bored and remembered that I haven't talked to Liam in a while either. I decided to text him.


I turned the TV, the news was on. It's fine with me. I never had a problem with watching the news anyways. It didn't matter if I had 300 channels to watch. I wouldn't mind watching the news.
Liam replied back after 3 minutes

"Hey, it's been a while. Want to come to my house?"

Hehe that bought me memories. When I was younger I would go to his house a lot and his step mother would always make Mac and cheese all the time. We ate Oreos and do challenges. It was so much fun back in the day (no that I'm that old but yeah...)

I replied "yeah. It has sure been a while! See you in 10 minutes!:)"

Liam was 2 years older than me. He always protected me and punched the big, ugly and immature jerks that bullied me because I'm short. Yes, I'm 18 and I'm barely five feet. Meanwhile Liam is 6'1" tall, so everybody respected him. That brought a smile on my olive tanned face.

I went to my room upstairs and changed my sweat blue pants to my black skinny jeans, my old lime green shirt to my 'The Script' shirt, and my flip-flops to my high-top grey converse. I put my long blue-black hair in a bun, fixed my side bangs and ran down the stairs. Yes no matter how manny times I've galled down, I still keep doing it.

The door bell rang. I peeked to see ho it was. It was my ex, Alexander. Alexander was my first boyfriend. He is 5'11" and know how tall I am, so imagine the difference in high. He has brown spiked hair, he also has blue eyes and he's pretty white.

I broke up with him because at the celebration of our 6 month anniversary he started to drink (which I hate in guys) and he acted all crazy. A 21 year old drinking and acting all foolish while he's drunk...thats not cute its was more like, terrible. If he never did that I would probably still be his girlfriend at this day.

He seemed like he hasn't got any sleep for about a week. He was pale and he didn't smell good. Which wasn't a good combination if he wanted to go back with me.

"Hey" he said with his deep strong British accent.

"Uh, hi" I said. I got nervous and didn't know what else to say.

"What are you doing here?" I said, trying to sound "nice" and not aggressive.

"Uh can I come in?" He said and gave a confused stare.

That was weird. He never asked to come in my house no matter how hot it was nor avoided a question. He never cared about going in my house anyways while we were dating. I always met up with him in his house, never at mine.

I opened the door and let him in. He sat on the blue sofa and he didn't speak a word. He just sat there.

My phone started to vibrate. It was Liam.

"Are you coming? I have a friend here I want you to meet. I was planing on going out to eat, the three of us and have some fun. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah that would be great!:) but can you first come here? Please! It's just that Alexander is here."

"That jerk is in your house?! Ill be there in 2 minutes, but remember that he never liked me, nor i liked him. That's fine though, I have reasons to punch him, and if he touches you. He will be a dead man."

"Well...just hurry okay?"

Alexander tried to say sorry and while he was at it Liam came. They both didn't like each other, so I tried to pay more attention to what  Alexander had to say than to the death glares that they were doing.

After 10 minutes he finished. He made me feel bad, the thing was that it all ended up in a fight and if it wasn't for Liam, It probably would have ended real bad.

I still had the shouting stuck to my head. Liam asked Alexander to leave me alone and never come back, but Alexander kept yelling at me, Liam was about to call the cops but Alexander fastly left and said he was going to come back, every day if he could just to make me get back with him.

I started to cry and sob. Liam gave me one of his bear hugs and dried my tears. After a while of hugging and sobbing he offered me to stay at his house. I agreed.

I called Marley and told her what happened. She wasn't really  happy about that, nor about the fact that I woke her up in the best part of her dream.She said she was going to Liam's house and make me cheer up.
I packed my stuff and headed there. Trying to start a new life.

Liam's pov

I was cleaning my room. Suddenly my phone vibrated. It almost fell, but I managed to catch it just in time.

"Hi!" It was Madison! Wao, after such a long time, she texted me! That's so nice! She still thinks about me!

"Hey, it's been a while. Want to come to my house?" I replied

To be honest, I missed her, a lot. Even though we were neighbors and best friends, we haven't talked much lately.

"yeah. It has sure been a while! See you in 10 minutes!:)"

Yeah! She said yes! Gosh next time I see her I will give her the best bear hug ever!

When I was in high school as a junior (she was a freshman) I had a crush on her, I liked her, I could even say I loved her. I never confessed her my love towards her because I was afraid that she wouldn't accept my feelings. I didn't want to get hurt, so I just started to get more distant from her.

I'd beat up those jerks that bullied her for her being short. I mean, is it wrong or a problem that she was short?! Who cares if she's short?! The only thing that matters is how her heart was (which is beautiful I must add) and not how tall she was. I have to say that he looks really cute all short. She really is adorable.

I wouldn't stand seeing her cry, or being afraid and vulnerable. That's why I would beat up those guys. All because of love. Yes, I love her. I LOVE HER!

I cleaned my room and I put a white shirt on. I went to the kitchen and looked for a coke for me and Niall, who was in the living room.

"Are you coming? I have a friend here I want you to meet. I was planing on going out to eat, the three of us and have some fun. Is that okay with you?"
I was hungry, plus I wanted to see her and I also wanted her to meet my friend Niall.

"Yeah that would be great!:) but can you first come here? Please! It's just that, Alexander is here!"

WHAT! THAT JERK is IN HER HOUSE?! WHAT is he DOING THERE! To be honest, I NEVER liked him. I got jealous when he kissed her. I always though "that should be me! ME! ME KISSING HER!" Okay Liam, calm down...breath slowly...I can't calm down.

"That jerk is in your house?! Ill be there in 2 minutes, but remember that he never liked me, nor I liked him. That's fine though. I have reasons to punch him, and if he touches you. He will be a dead man." Oh god. What had I just texted?! I sound so violent! I don't want Madison to think that!

"We'll...hurry okay?" She replied

Alexander's pov

Gosh I want to tell her how sorry I am. I really can't imagine being alone without her. I need to tell her how sorry I am.

I drove to her house. I saw my reflection  in the cars window. I looked terrible, but I hope I got back with her.

I rang the door bell. She peeked to see ho it was. When she saw it was me se turned pale, but she still looked beautiful. With her hazel eyes, blue-black hair, and her shortness. She was just perfect. I can't accept that I loosed her. Not yet.

"Hi" I said, not knowing what else to say.

"Uh hi" she said with her beautiful voice that I haven't herd since 2 weeks ago.

"What are you doing here?" Okay, that kind of hurt.

"Uh can I come in?" I really didn't know what to say.

I sat down on her blue sofa. Her house was beautiful, just like her. it was also clean, just like her, with no bad feelings.

I started to remember all those good memories I had with her.

I started to tell her how sorry I was, and how much I wished I was back with her. The look in her face was of I-don't-like-you-anymore-go-away. Which hurt a lot. Then she gave me the look of you-are-hurting-me. Common I was the one getting hurt here!

Liam came in the house. I hated him! I always though he had a crush on Madison.

After 10 minutes, I finished. I felt bad, very bad. I started to yell at her, and to argue with her. I know I made her feel miserable, but I couldn't hold myself. If Liam wasn't here, it would have ended much better! Or even perfect!

Liam was about to call the cops once he saw hose terrified Madison's face expression was.

I left the house, but I told myself I would come back. "She will be mine" I said and repeated to myself once I got in my car.

Liam's pov

I was about to call the cops. I can't support Madison being there, receiving all those horrible adjectives that weren't made for a person like her.

Alexander left. I closed the door and locked it. I saw that she was crying, it broke my heart. I have her the best bear hug in her life and dried her tears. I offered her to stay in my house. She accepted.

She called Marley, she said she was going to go to my house and cheer her up. It was fine with me, since woman always understand echother.  As long as she was happy, I was the happiest man in the world. I promised myself I would protect her. Forever.

She packed her stuff and we headed to my house, where I would teach her what true love is, and what happiness was.

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