vampire teen

vampire teen is group of teen who go to high school and find out they vampire teen


1. vampire action

hi we or vampire teen frist we do  not know cuz we just teen and high school but no something chang when we turn 16 .everday start chang . frist i hate chick never ate it but then i love it . my antoher friend start have almost same thing kya was not able to eat meal but as she turn 16 she could eat meal .my antoher friend he boy he love love chick but not that much . then one day nigh it full moon we was outside . then we sleep that what i rember we wake up full of blood i was scade. at frist but then we see all the bone we.ate. kya was omg do know what just happen i say yea i think we vampire . frist we was  find alex he was there then we look at wood and then we see him full of blood and have shap teent was alex or you ok he hit me like if he could know who i  am i ran with kya and went home.

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