Best Freinds Brother

Maggie and Cain have been BFF's for awhile. the only thing that makes them different from any other girl is that Maggie is Zayn Malik`s sister, and Cain is Niall Horan`s sister. secretly, Cain has a crush on Zayn but she'd never tell Maggie because she doesn't want it to get in the way of their friendship. when the girls get a call from their brothers saying their all going on tour Cain....... that's when it all starts so read on to find OUT.


5. Truth Or Dare

Cain's POV

We sat in a circle.

" I'll go first " Louis screamed

"Okay truth or dare " Harry asked

" DARE " Louis exclaimed

" okay I dare you to.......hum...... A GIRL'S ROOM IS ACROSS THE HALL I DARE YOU TO KNOCK ON HER DOOR AND WHEN SHE ANSWERS SCREAM " Carrot " he dared

It was a very stupid dare but it will still be funny. Louis got up and walked out the door. we heard a knock the Louis scream " carrot" at the top of his lungs. We cracked up and Louis came back blushing from embarrassment.

" Cain your turn " Louis screamed

" ok dare " I declared

" I dare you to whisper in my ear your crush " he smirked

I sighed in defeat. I hate when Louis does this to me.

" ok I hate you Louis  my crush is...... oh gosh do I have to " I whispered in his ear

He shook his head yes and his smirk grew bigger.

" ok fine its Zayn " I whispered and sat back down red faced.

I looked at Louis and his evil smirk. The rest of the game was fun. Then they went to bed and Niall and Maggie came back.

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