Best Freinds Brother

Maggie and Cain have been BFF's for awhile. the only thing that makes them different from any other girl is that Maggie is Zayn Malik`s sister, and Cain is Niall Horan`s sister. secretly, Cain has a crush on Zayn but she'd never tell Maggie because she doesn't want it to get in the way of their friendship. when the girls get a call from their brothers saying their all going on tour Cain....... that's when it all starts so read on to find OUT.


1. starting

Maggie's POV

When I got the call from Zayn saying that we were going on tour I knew this would be the best year of our lives. By our I mean me and Cain my BFF.

"Cain get your bags the boys are here to take us to the airport!" ,I said

"Fiinnneeee." ,she whined

"Stupid! Get your arse down here!" ,Niall yelled

"Thanks Ni." ,I said with a laugh

After that she came downstairs. Wearing sweats.  When we got into the car I was forced to sit all the way in the back. With Niall and Louis. The two I really didn't want to sit by. For one thing all Niall talks about is Food and all Louis talks about is carrots and other random stuff. But Niall was extremely quiet. I don't know why it kinda scared me.

"Ugghhh. I don't wanna go on a plane. Who do I have to sit by?" ,I whined

"Niall!" ,Louis said wiggling his eyebrow

"Yeesss." ,I replied sarcastically

They car stopped at the airport. We got out and I got my bags out of the trunk. We walked into the airport and waited for the plane. Cain came and sat next to me. " im so excited" she squealed. I laughed because of how childish she is.  when the plane was ready we boarded. Liam and Cain sat together, So did, Louis and Zayn, Me and Niall, Harry sat by himself. The plane took off and  I heard Cain squeal. It was her first time on a plane. I quietly mumbled to myself.

"You look a little shook up. Are you alright?" ,Niall asked quietly

"Yea I am just worried about Cain. This is her first time on a plane." ,I answered

"When was your first time and where were you going?" ,Niall questioned

"I was about 14 and I went to Ireland." ,I stated

"Oh ok I`m from Ireland if you didn't already know." he said

"I think I know that Nialler. But anyways I`m going to sleep. I couldn't sleep last night." ,I replied

"Ok good night you can put your head in my lap if you want to I know its uncomfortable sitting in the seat like that." ,he smiled

I smiled and put my head in his lap and fell asleep while he was playing with my hair.

                                              12 hours later

"Hey Maggie come on get up. You drooled all over me. I gotta get a napkin and it`s time to get up." ,Niall said laughing

"Oh god I`m so sorry." ,I replied embarrassed

"It`s ok. I actually prefer you drooling on me the boys spit and not just once multiple times." ,he stated giggling

"Lets get our bags and get out of here." ,I said and stood up

Then we both got up and got our bags. He stayed beside me the whole time though because of the paps and fans. "I`m right here and I won`t let them hurt you." ,He vowed. "Thank you." ,I responded. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the plane, threw the fans and paps. We were the last out so we made our way over to the boys and Cain. Apparently we didn't realize we were still holding hands. "Oooooooo their holding hands." ,Louis giggled. "GET THE HELL OFF OF MY SISTER." ,Zayn roared and ran over to Niall. But before he could lay a hand on him I stopped him. "Zayn Malik stop it. Don't you dare lay a hand on him." ,I warned him. "Good thing my sister was here to save you." ,Zayn grunted to Niall. "Thank you." ,Niall chocked up relieved. "It`s ok I`m just glad he didn't touch you or he should be glad he didn't touch you or I would have hurt him." ,I said back to him giving Zayn a death glare. Then we got into the van and headed to the hotel. The car ride was as awkward as it could get.


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