Best Freinds Brother

Maggie and Cain have been BFF's for awhile. the only thing that makes them different from any other girl is that Maggie is Zayn Malik`s sister, and Cain is Niall Horan`s sister. secretly, Cain has a crush on Zayn but she'd never tell Maggie because she doesn't want it to get in the way of their friendship. when the girls get a call from their brothers saying their all going on tour Cain....... that's when it all starts so read on to find OUT.


6. Louis !

Cain's POV

I sat on the couch and stared at Louis, he stared back.

 " Don't you dare! " I warned

" Who's going to stop me ? " He growled

" I'll hurt you Louis. " I promised

He stood up and smirked evilly. He turned around and that's when I struck. I sprang onto his back. He chuckled and dropped to the floor. He turned around and I straddled him.

" Cain, this is going in the most awkward things you've ever done category ! " He laughed

" Shut up Tomlinson im not kidding I will..." I couldn't finish because the door busted open.

" Hey Louis I was wonderin... oh sorry did I invade? " he smirked

I got off of Louis and glared at Harry.

" Haha no " Louis chuckled and got up

" No, really I can come back another time " Harry smirked

I glared and Louis pushed me out of the room. I walked to Maggie and Zayn's room and knocked. Zayn opened the door.

" Sorry Cain um Maggie isn't here " he informed me

" Oh okay thanks " I said and turned to walk away

" But, if you want we could hang out " he burst out

" id love to " I exclaimed

( bum bum bum cliff hanger )


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