Best Freinds Brother

Maggie and Cain have been BFF's for awhile. the only thing that makes them different from any other girl is that Maggie is Zayn Malik`s sister, and Cain is Niall Horan`s sister. secretly, Cain has a crush on Zayn but she'd never tell Maggie because she doesn't want it to get in the way of their friendship. when the girls get a call from their brothers saying their all going on tour Cain....... that's when it all starts so read on to find OUT.


2. AQ

Niall's POV

Zayn scared me. I`m glad Maggie was there or they would have been eating Niall soup and casserole. She is quite attractive. Everybody was staring at us in the car. That was awkward but it was worth it she stood up for me maybe she likes me. All I can tell you is I like her. ALOT.

                                              The next Morning

"Uuuuuhhhhhhh Niall are you okay bro." ,Cain asked

"Yea.....uh......fine....." ,I answered

"what ya thinkin` about." ,Liam asked suspiciously

"Just thinking about how to ask Maggie out and what we should.." ,I said smiling ear to ear.

"Well I don't think Zayn should be around when you ask her. But we are going to have a movie night and the other boys girlfriends are coming over. She has already met them so she wont be to shy. Anyways snuggle up with her. Then sometime tomorrow when you think it`s the right time ask her. Don`t worry she's not very hard to impress so just take her dinner and a movie. Not a fancy restaurant she doesn't like to be to fancy on a first date. I recommend Grown Ups 2." ,Cain explained.

Cain`s POV

"Ok I will!" ,Niall beamed as he shot upstairs.

"Where are you going?" ,I questioned him

"To wake Maggie up." ,He smiled


"Not until you sleeping beauty get up." ,Niall offered

"Fine. But carry me downstairs." ,Maggie said

"Ok." ,Niall sighed

Maggie`s POV

Then I felt someone lift me up and carry me downstairs. "What are we having to eat?" ,I asked. "Whatever their is. I ate cereal." ,He answered back. "Will you make it for me? Please Please Please." ,I asked. "Fine. What am I your personal servant or something?" ,He questioned. "Yes but you`re not anyone else`s only mine." ,I laughed. Then we were in the kitchen. He sat me down beside of his bowl and mine. "What did Niall just do?" ,Harry asked looking at me. "Made me my food," ,I stated back. "and carried you downstairs." ,Harry said back shocked "He never does anything for anyone. Not even Cain and that's his sister." "Well Sorry." ,I replied. "I want Niall to be my servant to." ,Louis burst out. "Well sorry he`s mine." ,I scolded him. "uuuugggghhhh." ,Louis nagged. "Back off of my sister, Niall." ,Zayn said. ..... cliff hanger

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