Cameron Brooks seems like a normal girl, but she is hiding a huge secret. She is a slayer. She protects the human race from the cold blooded undead, also known as vampires. She, along with her best friend Infiniti, whom she saved from a vampire and befriended immediatly after, work to help fight off the evil from their small town and areas around it. Yet, what happens when a group of 5 vampires come along, completely changing both their lives. What will happen when the two worlds clash? Most importantly..what happens when forbidden love involuntarily springs in the air, causing all kinds of complications...


1. Where It All Began..

~Unknown P.O.V.~

Running. That's all that was going through my mind. My feet carried me down the street, refusing to stop for even a second of rest. I turned a corner, continuing to sprint down the unfamiliar empty streets. Darkness surrounded me, preventing me from identifying my location. I felt a fresh droplet of rain plant itself on my forehead, making its way down my face. I gasped for air, my lungs burning inside of my chest. My heart was pounding, my hands shaking uncontrollably. I whipped my head around, desperately trying to find somewhere to run to. Off in the distance, I spotted a bit of light standing out from the darkness around it. I instantly picked up my pace a bit more, heading toward the small source of light. As I got closer, I had realized that the light source was just a single street lamp. Whoosh! Something flew past me, invisible to the naked eye. I was so close to close to the light..when I heard the crack of a stick. Before I knew it, I was no longer on the dark street, but pinned against the wall of a nearby alley-way. The rain was now pouring down, mixing with the salty tears that slid down my face. A cold hand wrapped around my neck, holding me against the cold stone wall. "No, no please!" I begged. "I-I don't want to die." A laugh erupted through the darkness. Soon after, all I saw were two bright red glowing eyes.

"I'm afraid that's not your decision to make" I heard a deep, dark voice say.

"Please!" I begged. "I-I'll do anything!" I offered, trying to pry his cold hand off of my neck. "HELP!" I screamed. "HELP!"

"Shhh.." I heard a his voice say. It was right by my left ear, causing me to jump in fear. "This will only hurt for a second.." he said. A cold hearted laugh was all I heard before I felt a breath near the crook of my neck. I held my breath, fresh tears escaping the corners of my eyes. I shut my eyes, awaiting the pain that I expected to begin. Yet, nothing happened. I suddenly felt the weight being lifted off of me, the strange cold hand being yanked off of my throat. I gasped for air, my eyes still shut. I bent down, setting my hands on my knees. My eyes suddenly popping open. All I heard was struggle. The banging of trash cans, the groans of pain, the growls coming from the monster that attacked me. Then everything went silent. There was a sudden fire from across the alley-way before everything went dark again. I pushed myself up against the wall, almost hyperventilating when I heard footsteps making their way towards me. My hands fumbled in my back pocket, pulling out my phone and activating the flash light. I jumped as I turned it forward and saw a girl, around 18, standing right in front of me. She looked at me, her sparkling blue eyes filled with concern.

"Are you ok?" she asked, her voice filled with worry. I let out a shaky breath, my whole body trembling.

"W-Who are you.." I asked cautiously, still grasping my phone in my hand. She smiled as she fumbled with a wooden stick in her hands. She bent down and slid it into her boot, completely concealing it from sight. She then stood back up, looking back at me.

"Maybe I should get you home.." she began, but I cut her off.

"Answer the question!" I practically yelled. I continued trembling, quickly lowering my tone. "Who are you?.....More importantly..what are you?" I asked. I looked around, frantically looking around for the cold blooded monster that attacked me. "And where did he go?" I questioned. She looked up at me, her long brown hair completely drenched from the pouring rain. There was a short silence before she spoke again.

"You need to rest, you've been through a lot tonight." she responded. She gave me one last look before beginning to walk off.

"Please! Answer me!" I pleaded. She stopped, hesitating before turning around halfway and returning her attention back to me.

"My name is Cameron Brooks, and I am the vampire slayer....."

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