Spongebob and Sandy story

A love story about Spongebob Squarepants and Sandy Cheeks


1. New Crush

   It Started like any other day for Spongebob. He got up and got ready for work " I'm ready,i'm ready i'm ready." " Hey Spongebob want to go to goo lagoon later." said Patrick "Sure pat can't talk right now have to go to work I  have 15 minutes to get there " said Spongebob running for work. "Talk to you later buddy." said Patrick before going to sleep 


"OH MY GOD I'M LATE FOR WORK." Spongebob cried  "SPONGEBOB you are 30 seconds late for work I will dock $50.00 so that means you will have $5.00 check this week." said Mr.Krabs angrily "I promise I will be her early tomorrow."  " I know you will."



"Spongebob!!!!! I need that double deluxe Krabby patty and large diet Dr.Kelp." Squidward said impatiently " Sorry Squidward i'm working on it." said  Spongebob hurrying "Well hurry up." "I'm done here you go a double deluxe krabby patty with a large diet Dr.Kelp."  DING DONG "Well my shifts over bye Mr.Krabs bye Squidward." RING RING...RING RING "Oh my phones ringing. Hello?" 

"Hi Spongebob its Sandy."


"I was wondering if you want to go to Goo Lagoon."

"Sure me and patrick we're already planning on going I have to go home get ready and get patrick then we will meet you there." 

"Sounds good to me bye."



"Hi Spongebob, Hi Pat." said Sandy in her purple bikini " Hi Sandy." said Spongebob and Patrick at the same time "well lets swim." said Patrick running into the water "You guys go on without me I want to work on my tan." said Sandy "Are you sure?" said spongebob before leaving  "Yeah go have fun." 


"Lets do water karate Spongebob......Spongebob.....SPONGEBOB!!! What the hell man you can't pay attention. What is with you?" " I don't know man I think it's Sandy....I think I have a crush on her." said Spongebob in a daze "Well.... If you do go for it ask her out on a date." " I don't know what to say." "Call her later." "Yeah I will soon as I get home." said Spongebob " What will you do when you get home." said Sandy getting into the water  "Oh.....Sandy....uh......I.....ummm.....I need to feed Gary yeah thats it feed Gary." "o....k...." said Sandy confused 


Authors Note: How did I do so far comments..... we will see what will happen to spongebob and sandy next 

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