Forget Me Not


3. New Revalations and Damon King (E)


He stared at me, his mouth agape. While I still could I ran away. Crap. Thank goodness the bell had just rung, but I accidentally left my papers in the class. Of course, I was being chased, so that wasn’t really a top priority.


I ran away into a Library, and the librarian, Mrs. King, said, "Hello, Everett."


Then I heard Damon come in here. I slammed his hands down on the librarian's desk.


"Mom, have you seen her?" Mom? Oh no. "Has Everett come by here?" I waved my arms, signaling for her to say nothing. Maybe she didn't see me or something because the next thing I know I am being lifted from where I am. While I was being held up off the ground I put two and two together. Damon King. The librarian’s last name was King. Oh, of all greatness.


"You know, you aren't supposed to hit people." Damon scolded me playfully.

"You shouldn't hit on people." I remarked back, stating the obvious.


"Well, I wouldn't have if I knew that you were going to hit me! On my face no less!"


"Don't you know me?"


"Yes, and you're quiet! Not loud, and you don't hit people for no reason!" No reason? What I'm about to do to that pompous big-headed son of a-

"Damon! Let her down! What did she do?" I heard Mrs. King shout at him.


"Well, for starters, she-" He began a sentence, but I was too quick.


I interrupted him before he could finish, "I stopped him from doing drugs." Everett, what the heck? Get your mouth under control! Drugs? Really?


"Drugs? Honey, you never told me about that."


"Why would I? I'm not that stupid." Wait, he does do drugs? Oh my gosh. I was panicking.


"I never said you were. I was just saying that you should tell me. I could make sure you got the best ones!"


I was confused. So, the Kings were all druggies? If so then does that mean that? I shook my head. No, they're just trying to trick me. I looked up and pleaded. This is just a joke, right?




Lunchtime came and When I finished my food I grabbed my tray, threw it away, and I headed to the Library. On my way there I thought about everything. I was going to have to ask my teacher about the grade I got on my previous test. My nose wrinkled slightly as I thought about the whole ordeal.


Then I felt something run into my shoulder, causing me to look up quickly. There was a boy with cute glasses and a blue shirt with stripes on it. He was adorable. HIs eyes were blue, but they were shielded by his glasses. I swear, though, if there was one thing I had to stare at for the rest of my life it'd be his eyes.


"Sorry," I muttered. He did the same. When I was about to go I noticed the mess on the floor. His papers were scattered on the floor and he was frantically scrambling down to pick it up.


"Here, let me help you," I got down on my knees and helped him get all of his assignments. There was small bunch of papers left, and I grabbed it; and out of the corner of my eye I saw a drawing of a bird. I grabbed it individually.


I looked at him, secretly grinning inside. He blushed, "Yeah," he fixed his glasses, "I know it's not that good."


"Not that good!" I whisper yelled. "It's amazing!"


He stared at me awkwardly. I handed him his drawing and he scurried away like a little puppy. It was adorable. In a way. His short hair was blonde and shaggy.


I gathered his papers then one caught my eye.


He scurried to cover the paper up, but it was too late. I had already seen it. The picture was of a girl. She had high cheek bones, blue eyes, and soft brown hair. She had a few freckles on her face here and there. The girl was me.


“Why were you drawing me?” I asked before it processed in my mind.


“I wasn’t drawing you.” He said, flustered. I could tell his face was flushing.


“Yes, you were. I can tell.” Then I moved to his arm and picked it up, placing it away from his spiral notebook. He hastily covered it again with his free arm. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me.” Then while looking over the paper I then saw my name written in cursive in the corner. “Everret Winters.”


“How in the world do you know my name?” I didn’t say it harshly, but I did in fact lace curiosity within my tone. “I don’t know yours.”


He began to stutter. Then he gathered his things and ran away. I almost ran after him when I saw he left something behind. It was an assignment for history, and at the top right corner was his name. Jason Hayes. I smiled faintly. So that’s his name.



I shook the thoughts from my head, placing the enigma of a person to the back of my mind. I checked my watch. IT was too late now. I would have to go to my locker and head to class. I did just that. The rest of school was normal and nothing out of the ordinary happened. I don't think so at least. I didn't see that boy again, though. That's too bad.


"Hey!" I stopped momentarily. Crap, it was Damon. He looked mad at me, and it kind of freaked me out. I didn't stop though. In fact, I started running as fast as I could. It obviously wasn't fast enough because he caught me. He tackled me even. What's up with that?


"What are you doing? Running away from me? We have a project we have to work on. Remember??"


I spent the next two hours sitting at a table. And it wasn't like I was getting work done, instead I was being forced to watch Damon as he flirted with half of the female population.


Until I moved to this town, I never thought there were boys actually like him. I had read about some in books, but otherwise I never dealt with it.


I didn't get that much attention or anything. Oregon, even though it wasn't like California where every guy is toned and obsessed with their appearance, was absolutely horrible, and if you ask me, I would tell you that I didn't like it. At all.


Before I moved back to this drastic town ( I used to live here when I was around five) I lived in Oklahoma, which would probably be one of the best places for someone like me to live.


I can't really explain it without sounding weird, but really, there were pretty much no guys that thought they were better than everyone. Obviously there were one or two, but I never had to talk to them. They didn't give me much attention, knowing they wouldn't get laid. I had a reputation back there. Just like Eli did.


Eli seemed to be getting along better, though. I was stuck with the cockiest, most arrogant, egotistical jerk face on the continent, and he got to hang out with a sweet, shy exchange student, Maria.


"Hey, Everett!" I snapped my head towards Damon's voice. "Get over here!"


So I, just like I had two other times today, sprinted away from him.

*1028 words*

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