I Didn't know where to go, what to do. All I knew was I needed to go run away, get away from it all. But I didn't think it would go this far.


2. The Day After

I woke up in the park. At first I didn't know where I was but then I remembered the night before. It was all a bit of a blur but I remembered when mum got knocked out and dad got arrested. Tears spilled from my eyes as I thought about mum, was she alive, if not could she remember anything, could she remember me?

   All these thoughts came to my head but I knew something serious had happened after I walked down a random street and there on the TV was my mums and dad's face on their honeymoon. Then it showed a picture of dad walking to court with my auntie and uncle, was mum dead? Then he turned over to some nature program "Typical!" I said to myself quietly. "When the only interesting thing is on TV people turn it over to some nature program," I sighed as I walked down the street. I saw my best friend Hannah's house I looked through the window and say she was watching it, Tears streamed through her eyes and then I realized my picture came up of when I was 3 and on holiday. I couldn't make out what it said but at the bottom of my picture it said missing. I felt like I was having a heart attack, they were looking for me, they wanted me to say what happened. I ran down the street so fast, they couldn't find me and they wouldn't I was not going to some adoption centre* I would have to live my own life, so no one would find me. I would be lost.

*Centre - Is the way in the UK we spell center  

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