Bieber Undercover

Melody Johansen, 18, has been apart of the NASC (National American Spy Corporation (not real!) for 5 years now. She has solved mysteries, gone all over the world, and has found hidden treasures and secrets all over the world.
Justin Bieber (not famous for singing), 19, has been transferred to NASC. He's been apart of different agencies for 4 years and has also been all over the world solving mysteries and finding different things.
Now Melody's biggest problem...going on her biggest mission to steal the Declaration of Independence with Justin Bieber.


3. Wait what?

A/N: I'm back! Did you miss me? No? Ok. Well thanks for being so patient! Here's chapta 3!


"Wait...STEAL the Declaration of Independence??" I ask in surprise. Claire nods. "How are we suppose to STEAL the most important document in history??" Justin asks. Actually a good question for once. "You'll figure it out. You're trained for this. Here is all the notes about the document and the Archives. There are also some tips. Good luck. We expect you back in a few weeks." 

I grab the papers and we stand up to leave. I look at the papers as I slide my ID on the scanner to enter the locker rooms where all our equipment and gadgets are held. I open my locker and reveal several gadgets and equipment devices. "Wow. You have a lot of stuff." Justin eyes my stuff. I roll my eyes. "Yea, you do after a while." 

I grab my black shirt and pants and go into one of the changing rooms. "So..when do we leave?" Justin asks through the door. I quietly groan and roll my eyes. I feel like he doesn't have a CLUE what he's doing. This will be fun. 

"Today. We have to leave as soon as possible." I tell him. "Ok I need to get my stuff..." He trails off as he sees me. I finish putting my hair in a pony tail. He looks me up and down. I look away quickly as I try not to blush.


I put my last gadget on my belt and look at Justin who's in a tight black t shirt and black pants as well. I try not to look at his body. The tightness of his shirt shows off his stomach which looks pretty toned. Not a surprise though, all agents have to be well fit and trained. 

I throw my small back pack over my shoulder and head out to the jet. Yes jet and it's private. Every agent gets a private jet to fly in. It's just faster to get somewhere if you're in a hurry. The caption waves at me and I wave back. 

"Welcome back Ms. Johansen. Your flight is ready." He gives a slight smile. I nod. "Thank you. This is my new partner. Justin. Justin this is caption Jack." I introduce them. Justin snickers. 

"Caption Jack...haha." He puts his hand in front of his mouth. I hit him and push him up the steps. Once we're seated, I rake out the papers and look them through. 

I felt a presence next to me and Justin was looking over my shoulder. 

"Can I help you?" I ask hiding the papers. "Can I look at them too? I'm your partner remember?" 

"Yes but I'm also TRAINING you. But here." I hand them to him. He grabs them and looks. 

" exactly are we gonna do this?" He asks. 

"The place is surrounded by video cameras, guards and..middle schoolers on their 8th grade field trip. It's not gonna be easy." I bring out my laptop and bring up the National Archives. 

"There." I point to the screen. It's the lobby. I zoom in on the case that has the Declaration of Independence. "There is where it's held. In a bullet proof, bomb proof case. The only way to get it out of there is to unscrew all of the nails. But wait..." I stop and think. Would they really have the REAL DOI (Declaration of Independence) out in the open?   

"What?" Justin looks at me then the screen then back at me. 

"That's not the real one.." I whisper. 

"Wait what? How is that not the real one?" 

"They wouldn't have the REAL document out in the open! They'd have a....REPLICA!" I figure out. 

"How could I be so stupid?! It's a replica! The REAL document is in the basement." I bring up the map of the Archives and look in the basement. "Of course it won't SHOW where it is. But it should be around here somewhere." I use my finger to circle around an area. 

"Why would it be in the basement?" Justin asks. I sigh. "Because it's SAFE down there. There are video cameras everywhere and then there's the museum prison..." I trail off getting an idea. "There's a PRISON?" He asks. I nod. "For people misbehaving or trying to steal something. That gives me an idea." I look at Justin. 

"Ok here's the plan..." 

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