Bieber Undercover

Melody Johansen, 18, has been apart of the NASC (National American Spy Corporation (not real!) for 5 years now. She has solved mysteries, gone all over the world, and has found hidden treasures and secrets all over the world.
Justin Bieber (not famous for singing), 19, has been transferred to NASC. He's been apart of different agencies for 4 years and has also been all over the world solving mysteries and finding different things.
Now Melody's biggest problem...going on her biggest mission to steal the Declaration of Independence with Justin Bieber.


1. Pilot (Intro)


"We are all glad you made it back safely, Miss. Johansen." Claire Johnson our head spy tells me. I nod my head once. "Thank you." 

"Did you give the item to Joe?" I nod. "Yes I did. It is now safe." 

"I must say, Melody, you are one of the best we've had. And one of the youngest." She put her hands together. 

"Thank you? I always try to do my best." 

"And you always do. We all appreciate that. Now you can run along. You're done for now. Thank you again." 

I stand up and open the door and walk out. I walk out into the lobby of NASC or National American Spy Corporation. (Picture the OSS from Spy Kids ha) 

"Good going Johansen!" "Way to go! Again." All the guys high five me and playfully slap my shoulder. I nod and slightly smile. 

My name is Melody Johansen. I'm 18. The youngest spy in NASC and one of the best. I've been apart of NASC since I as 13 and I've been pretty much raised her because my parents are well known spies also. I don't see them much since they're always on a mission somewhere across the world. 

I've been to the neighborhood next to us to all the way to Australia finding hidden treasures and hidden secrets you wouldn't believe exist. 

And yes, all us spies have cool gadgets and equipment. 

I am also only 1 girl out of 4 that is apart of NASC. Girl spies aren't very common around here. 


I head out the door and I use the ID card around my neck that has my name, level I'm in and picture. I scan it on the ID scanner on the door and it opens. It's a very secure place. Not just anyone can come in obviously. 

As I leave I see 4 men in black suits almost dragging what looks like a teenage boy my age into the building. I shrug it off. Probably some idiot thinking he can sneak in. 

I click the unlock button on my car and get in. I drive away from my second home and head to my actual home, which I haven't been to in almost 2 weeks. I just got home from Spain on a mission. 

Once at home, I unpack a little and relax. It feels good being home. My iPhone starts ringing and I see my best friend Jamie is calling. 

"Hey Jams." I smile.

"Hey!! I heard you were home. How was Spain??" 

Friends and family can know about if a friend or family member is a spy so our agency can protect them. 

"It was...good. I guess." I laugh. "I wish I could've been the sights more, but I was there for a mission so it was hard." I add. 

"Well we should hang out! I haven't seen you since you left." 

"Haha for sure. I'll text you." We hung up and I went to make dinner. 

Sometimes when you're a spy and you're gone most of the time, you get lonely....


A/N: There's the intro! I hope you like it so far :) Justin will come in soon! Please comment, read and all that thanks xo 

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