Bieber Undercover

Melody Johansen, 18, has been apart of the NASC (National American Spy Corporation (not real!) for 5 years now. She has solved mysteries, gone all over the world, and has found hidden treasures and secrets all over the world.
Justin Bieber (not famous for singing), 19, has been transferred to NASC. He's been apart of different agencies for 4 years and has also been all over the world solving mysteries and finding different things.
Now Melody's biggest problem...going on her biggest mission to steal the Declaration of Independence with Justin Bieber.


10. Back to Mount Rushmore


We once again, get on the private jet to go back to South Dakota. Ben, me, and Justin sit in different seats. I have my laptop out looking up info on the Liberty Bell when I feel a presence next to me. I look over and Justin is there. He smiles. I roll my eyes and look at my laptop screen. 

"What was that for?" Justin asks with a chuckle. I shrug. "I know what you're trying to do." I say. 

"Oh, and what is that?" Justin asks crossing his arms over his chest. "You're a player. You act all sweet and charming, but all you want is to get into the girls pants." I tell him. He doesn't say anything for a few seconds, which is weird, so I looked ar him. I raise my eyebrows. "That is NOT what I'm trying to do FYI." He tells me. "Oh..really?" I ask crossing my arms. He nods. 

"I'm NOT a player and I'm NOT trying to get into your pants." 

"Oh you're not are you?" I ask with a smirk. 

"No. But if you're up for it I wouldn't-" "NO Justin. That's NOT going to happen. So sorry." I tell him. 

So what if I might want to....besides, even if we DID do that, nothing would happen afterwards anyway. 

I look at him and the sun was shining into his eyes, making the green in his eyes burst. Ugh no stop! Don't you DARE fall for him. Oh but his eyes are so pretty....STOP.

He eventually leaves and I get up to go to the restroom. Since this is a jet the bathroom is bigger. I open the door I get pushed against the door and Justin is pinning me there. 

"Justin, what are you doing?" I ask confused. 

"Something I've been wanting to do for a long time." Then all of a sudden his lips are pressed to mine. My eyes widen in surprise but then I relax after I realize, I don't mind this...I kiss back and he lifts my arms above my head. 

He starts to stick his tongue in my mouth, I open my mouth and let him enter. I do the same to him. Pretty soon, we're sloppy French kissing. 

"Melody? Justin? You guys in there?" We stop quickly when we hear Ben ask this. I push him away and open the door and push him out first. I close the door quickly and slide down the door and bring my knees to my chest. 

Why did I just do that?

Why did I LET him do that? 

What's going to happen now?

And why did I enjoy it so much?

A/N: Sorry short chapter! I promise when I go on Thanksgiving break, I will update more! College is just so stressful right now I can't updae as often. Don't hate me :/



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