The Bullet of Love

Liz, a 16 years old normal one direction fan, went to a concert of 1D with her friend Emma. When she finds out that she got shot defending her idols with an enemy of 1D When she spend her days at the hospital one direction came to a visits this is when she really got shot with THE BULLET OF LOVE will she fall for one of the members of one direction??? Just read and trust me is it's good!!


1. Winner!!

I woke up with the sun reaching my fair skin. I opened my eyes to see the humming birds, the trees going left and right with the sound of the wind,butterflies everywhere, mother nature is calling me. Well that's not gonna happencz I have stupid school but summer vacation will finally start after two weeks until than god help me. Everyone goes and bullies me and call me "Goody" I will never cahnge my personality for them . But I always wonder how life is strange cz being good is a bad thing and being bad is a good thing cz you know I am not those girlsthat are barbies!! Anyways, my name is Liz I am 16 years old, my parents died in a car accident when I was 13. I know it's a long time but whenever I remember I think the accident happened yestaurday.I am lonely not a brother nor a sister but still I have my best friend Emma   We have sometimes sleepovers and I pretend Emma as my mother cz I tell her all my secrets like she's a diary that what mommies do,right?? She helps me in everything, she stands with me whenever somebody bullies me, I owe her a lot.I went to take a shower, when I slid under the cold water I felt all the pain and loneliness dust away. When I finally finished my shower, I stariaghten my hair and applied some makeup. Opened my closet and found my favorite denim shorts and matched it with Rolling Stones Shirt, I am not really the type of a girl that cares about clothes. Next I went downstairs and turned on the radio while eating pancakes thank god I can cook since my mum taught me some recipes. While I was listening something really blew my mind away when I heard the man saying:" one direction finally came to their countrey, welcome home guyz(I forgot to mention that I am from London), well directionars out there if you are lucky in to be the 100 caller than you have two tickets all yours to attend there upcoming concert. Omg I can't believe that I waited about 20 mins and then called and guess what I am the 100 caller, the winner ladies and gentlemen, wow exaggerating!! I am really happy since Emma and I are the biggest fans of one directions cz they gave me hope besides Emma after the death of parents and they are just PER-FECT(see what I did there)  I quickly drank my orange juice and went walking to my school since it's two blocks away. But this time I ran to tell the Biggest News to Emma.

(A/N) hii there hope you like it!! Just wait a little bit it will be soo nice trust me




 I will update on Sunday plzz keep on reading it, k

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