The Bullet of Love

Liz, a 16 years old normal one direction fan, went to a concert of 1D with her friend Emma. When she finds out that she got shot defending her idols with an enemy of 1D When she spend her days at the hospital one direction came to a visits this is when she really got shot with THE BULLET OF LOVE will she fall for one of the members of one direction??? Just read and trust me is it's good!!


4. Getting the tickets!!!!!

We took the bus in order to get to the radio station, it took us half a hour to arrive there. Emma and I were standing in front a large door till Emma said to me"Are you ready." "Yes." I thought I was in one of James Bond missions. We walked in the door until we saw a desk I front of us with a good look lady'May I help you"she said. "Oh yes, we are the winners of 1D ticked, I'm Emma Brown and this my friend Liz Snow." while she was checking her papers, I was wondering to myself that I was a shy type I couldn't speek up, Emma is brave and had the nerves.  The lady led us to an office, I think it for the manager, it was big and modern. We sat and saw a tall blond guy he was in the forties. "hello, I am Mr.John and I am the manager of this radio station, you must be the girls that won the 1D tickets." yes, my name is Emma brown and this my friend Liz Snow."Emma said sweetly. "So here is your tickets the second row B12 and the concert will be held tomorrow at 9:00 but you must get earlier so you get a seat." "Thank you." we said cheerfully. We were walking through the door when we heard him saying:" girls enjoy your time and don't faint, hahaha, oh I almost forgo here's your passes for meeting and greeting." did he just mentioned that will GREET AND MEET one direction, now way. I am gonnna meet them in person, see those smiles, brown eyes, blue eyes, Irish accent, dimples, I was now flying in the air with my imagination. "Snap out of it" Emma told me while I came back to the stupid reality. Emma took me by my wrist and we sat in the bench waiting to the bus to come over. "Emma do you think Harry will be a perfect in person as we see him in the screen on your computer everyday!!" I said smoothly."Well, you are asking me this question, yeah his my friend form kindergarten. You silly one I don't know that but I bet that he will be PERFECT and hot at the sametime , I will finally listen to this sexy Irish accent, YAY!!" Emma said sarcastically while telling her joke. "You know, I can't believe that I will touch hands and see one direction. I am totally happy and excited but at the sametime I am afraid." "of what?""Cz every time I am happy something bad happens.""well you are such a mood killer, oh here comes the bus, yeah let's go and try to focus ad what you will see tomorrow." we laughed while stepping  in the bus excited to TOMORROW THE DAY WE WILL SEE ONE DIRETION


Hello GUYZ out there, thank you for reading . May you help me in just a thing. Shall theLiz take the Shot of a gun when she is in the concert or when she is in meet and greet. I am really confused. Anyways thank you and don't forget:





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