truth,dare or KISS!

(girlxgirl)When Carly finds her self falling for her best friend Shay (who just happens to be a girl)at shays house she has a sleepover and charlie suggests they play a game of truth, dare or kiss, what they don't know is this will change everything .there friendship and love completely !


3. truth,dare or KISS


me and carly closer and closer until .....................................

DIGN.DONG!Me and carly jump away from each other, "ok what just happened did I nearly kiss my best friend? cus it seemed like it ,oh why did the doorbell have to go and stop us !grrrrrrrrrrrr!


I hate that fucking doorbell it ruined mine and shays kiss.though its probably for the best wedidnt kiss because it would just make me even more confused about how I feel still that doesn't help the fact I still want to FUCKING SNOG HER SOOOOO BAD!


the doorbell rang and shocked me back to reality ,this time we both went to get it.we opened the door to see;charlie,sam,katie ,james and a whole lot of other people with a lot of ALCHOL! "come in guys !"


everyone was sitting in shays room when Charlie said "lets play spin the bottle truth ,dare or kiss,it will be great ,come on everyone in a circle on the floor ."so everyone sat down ,and sam span the bottle it landed on shay ,she thought for a bit and finally said "DARE!"after a lot of mubbling which I wasn't part of maddie stood and shouted "YOU AND CARLY HAVE A MAKE OUT SESSION FOR THE NEXT HALF AN HOUR !"OMFG I FINNALY GET TO KISS SHAY !

"FINE BY ME "I said walking over to shay ,pulling her up and walking to her bed

"LETS DO THIS "she said softly pushing me down hard on to the bed ! she crashed her lips onto mine kissing me passionately for  about ten minuets  then getting rougher and rougher until we were full on snogging ! shay pushed me thurfer up the bed so my head was on a cusuin and she was ontop of me we were still kissing at this point ."five muets left"katie said .I felt shays soft lips kissing my check andneeck  and finnaly my collar bone ,it felt so good I dindnt want her to stop

"STOP!"everyone shouted at the same time shay gave me one last kiss on the lips and then she pulled away but I could see in her eyes she didn't want to and neither did I.

shays pov:

I pulled away from carly though I could of done that all night ,her lips were so soft and so kissable and I could tell she felt the same because of the way she kiss me back .was I starting to have feelings for my best friend because I think I am and the best part is I think carly is too!

author note

hey guys hope u like it soo far tell me what u think in the comments and any suggestions comment them toooo love millie

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