Your Second Half -Complete-

I will be your friend. I will help you get the girl that you want. I will teach you things you've never experienced. You have to help me help you, but, Marcel, please don't make me fall in love with you.
*If you live under a rock and don't know who Marcel's Harry's character in Best Song Ever*


13. I had to see you

It's the end of the week and I'm ready to go home, just like every other day. I don't wanna come to school anymore.

Marcel and I...well, there is not Marcel and I. We haven't talked all week and I don't think we are anytime soon. I sometimes take quick glances of him when I walk down the hall. I've caught him doing the same...once or twice. During theater class, it's typical, besides the fact I no longer step foot in the light/sound booth. I stay in the audience and listen to Mr. Leeroy go on and on about his days as a professional dancer.

I'm with Ashlyn most of the school day. She seems to be the only girl without drama these days. Sometimes during lunch Summer would bring Marcel to our table, making things even more awkward between us. I just talk to Ashlyn and pretend they're not there. She tells me that she's gotten closer to Summer, just to see what she's up to. They were good friends but now Ashlyn has her suspicions. I sort of notice too. Now days, she gives me dirty looks and I have no idea why. We barely talk anymore. 

Marcel and I would send each other small smiles every now and then but I notice it stops when Summer's around. More so when she sends him a glare.

That's when it clicks.

Summer...that BITCH. She's just using him against me. She's trying to make me jealous, but why? I've never had anything against her...ever. She's really getting under my skin.

"Lori!" I hear Ashlyn call me from down the hall. I have no time for that right now. I'm about to slap a bitch. "Summer!" I call her as I see her closing her locker. "Sup Lori" she says nonchalantly. "I know you're telling Marcel things about me!" "What are you talking about?" "I don't know why you're doing this but...just stop! You can't just tell Marcel to stop talking to me." She stepped closer to me and whispered, "Yes, I can. I have his pathetic ass wrapped around my finger so. keep. your hands. off" she staccato-ed. "Oh and you should've past the message to your whore of a mother before she took my dad away."

I gasped. Ok she could talk about my mother that way. I have barely memory of her and the only thing I know she's good for is leaving. But not Marcel, he was far from pathetic. He was only lonely because no one made an effort to approach him. Well, I did, but look where I am now.

I rose my hand and back handed her across the face. The force knocking her down. I looked down at her with fury built in my eyes. "You're lucky to even have spent time with him!" Many onlookers had crowded around us. I scanned the crowd and one face caught my eyes...Marcel's. He had a sad expression on his face but I could tell it wasn't directed towards me. I quickly looked away, not able to handle his intense stare. Yet another face caught my attention, this time my face froze. Mr. Harvey.

"Anderson, my office" he said before weaving through people and to his office, as did I.

"Three days suspension?!" I exclaim. "Do you wanna make it five?" "N-no sir." "Glad. Your suspension starts Monday and is to end Wednesday after school so you can return Thursday." I sighed and left the office. My dad is gonna kill me.


Well, my dad didn't necessarily kill me but he might as well have. No laptop. No TV and no phone. Ugh! I've seriously lost track of the days since I've been stuck at home with nothing to do. You know how it is. Like summer break when you never know what day it is. Except it's not summer and I'm not having a lick of fun.

It's about 7pm and I had to result to one thing...homework. I know! Suspension can change a girl. A knock on the door sends my books flying across the room. Company! I don't care if its the freaking  mail 7pm. OK that's weird.

I jog down the step all giddy but my smile drops when I open the door. "Lori...I-I need to talk to you." I hesitantly nodded and stepped aside so he could enter.

We both stood in the hall facing each other for the first time in five days.

"You have to know that...I only did what I did because she made me. She kept telling me things about you that I knew were lies."

"You listened to her" I whispered with my head hung low, not able to meet his gaze.

First time talking in well over a week.

"I know...that's why I told her I didn't want to see her anymore."

I lifted my head to meet his eyes, "W-what? But you were happy weren't you?"

He lightly chuckled, "You must not know me well enough to know when I'm truly happy." He stepped closer and took me by the waist with one hand. My forehead pressed to his chest. I felt him hang his head so his mouth reached my ear, "I'm only happy when I'm with you Lori" he whispered. Bullshit. I saw him all giggly with her. "How did you even get here anyway?" I asked, trying to change the subject. He rest his chin on the top of my head. "I walked" he simply stated. "It's a twenty minute drive...and you walked" I clarified. "I had to see you" he mumbled.

Moments passed with silence. Marcel still had his hand on my waist and I still had my forehead against his chest. "Remember that day you told me that... if Summer isn't the girl for me, you'd help me with any other girl." I looked up at him, meeting his gaze, with a confused look and nodded. Oh gosh, there's another girl. I can't but feel a bit jealous because I really do like him. He laid his forehead against mine, our proximity decreasing. "I want you, Lori" he whispered. My heart swelled. He wants me? Of course he does, he said so! He leaned closer, "Help me" he mumbled against my lips. I gave a small smile before pressing my lips to his.

First time kissing in,what felt like, forever.

I laid my hands on his chest as we kissed. I wanted to stay this was forever, really. The best part was, he was himself. No 'Ramones' t shirt, no skinny jeans, no converse, no damn beanie. He came to me in his white button up and slacks, just the way I wanted him. Soon our tongues became entwined and left me dazed. Like seriously, my lady parts are on overdrive. I curled my fingers around his neck and brought him even closer. "What day is today?" I breathlessly asked. "Um...Wednesday." "Oh gosh." I once again connected our lips and jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist.

He held me under my thighs as he pressed me against the wall of the hall way. The kiss was still slow yet deep, our tongues massaging each others. I held his face between my hands as I gave my all into the kiss. It was so passionate, leaving my breathless. "Take me upstairs." His eyes widened but he still lightly nodded.

We slowly made our way up my staircase. It amazed me how he could practically multitask. Walk up my large stairs, heatedly kiss me and hold my fat ass up? JK I'm not fat, but still, he continues to impress me. We got to the top and he twisted the doorknob to a room. I pull away and look around. "This is my sisters bedroom" I giggle. I look into his eyes again, "Across the hall."

Once in my room he sat at the edge of my bed as I straddled him. We are definitely burning calories with all this kissing. He hesitantly laid his hands on my hips. I had no doubt that he didn't know where to place them. I pulled away with a small smile on my lips and he returned one. It dropped when I noticed his bruise under his eye. The one he got when Cory had punched him. There was no swelling, it was just dark. I lightly ran my thumb over it, "Marcel...I'm sorry" I whispered. He turned his head and kissed my palm, "It wasn't your fault." I leaned in and placed feather light kisses to the bruise. He fluttered his eyes closed as I continued my actions. I placed my lips on his in a soft kiss.

I want this.

As our lips moved together I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. He intently watched me as I ran my fingers over his chest and went further down. I lightly gasped when I reached his abdomen, the bruises hardly faded and it looks like another was placed there. I looked into his eyes that had started the glaze over. I acted fast, pulling my shirt of as well. I had nothing to show as Marcel did. I l lightly blushed as he gulped, his eyes never leaving my chest. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my chest, he gasped at the contact. I kissed him again, not wanting us to ever be apart.

It wasn't long after we both only had our underclothes on, under my blue sheets. He lie on top of me, his hands splayed either side of my head as he rested his weight on his forearms. "I've never done anything like this before." I smiled at his shyness, "Me neither." "You want to do this?" I nodded and placed my hand on his cheek, "I want you to be my first." He blushed and leaned his forehead against mine, "I want you to be mine."

We removed our last pieces of clothing before we became intimately connected.


I awoke the next day with my limbs entwined with Marcel's. I smiled at the memory of last night. By far the best Wednesday of my life. Even though his actions and movements were clumsy, I still enjoyed it. I have no basis of comparison anyway. He was slow and passionate.

We did it. We made love.

He worried a lot about my state of comfortableness more than his.

"A-are you okay? Am I hurting you?"

I giggled at his concern, "I'm fine."

It did hurt, bunches, but it was bearable. I watched on in amusement when soft whimpers and moans left his parted lips.

At one pointed when I felt a knot build in the pit of my stomach all things became incoherent. My vision was blurry and the sounds that were emitted from the male above me became inaudible.

I pressed my lips to his as my breathing eradicated and wrapped my legs tighter around his waist. I couldn't control it. Only one thing stuck out at the moment, the words that spilled from Marcel's mouth.

"I love YOU Lori" he panted "It's always been you."

His words sent me spiraling, wave after wave crashing upon me. My response? The shout of my release.

Now, here I lie the next day with him wrapped in my arms. I couldn't ask for more.

Oh crap! What time is it! I turned my head to check my alarm clock, 7:38. It's Thursday and we both now have to be at school. I shook him, "Marcel" I whispered. He grumbled but responded anyway, "Yeah?" "We have to be at school in like twenty minutes." He groaned and pulled me closer, "I don't wanna go" he whined. "Come on." "No, I rather stay here with you." I gave in and smiled.

So that's what we did, stayed in bed all day. Only time we got up was to eat but we always returned to this sacred ground.

A/n: Don't judge me *hides behind computer screen*. I know this chapter was MA rated. I wanted to try a different aspect of writing since I've never really wrote anything like this. I'm not some freaky person that knows all about this stuff...because I don't. I mostly just got my info from several different stories that I've read before. Hope you guys enjoyed! Oh and yes...I did feel uncomfortable writing this.




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