Don't hurt me!

He is out there... He wants me! Why me?! My mom? My dad? They are already gone, got into a wreck with a drunk coming home from a date night. My brother is all I have left.. besides 4 other boys that will do anything to protect me.


3. The Beginning of a "New" life

Jacob's POV

      I am in prison? What happened? I think to myself. It all comes rushing back now. I went to a party, hoping my sweet, beloved neice Aaryn was there. She wasn't, but my second love was there, alcohol. I drank and drank until about 1 and left. I grabbed a beer bottle from the passenger seat and pop off the lid and start chugging it. By the time I get done there is a car ahead of me.. and I blacked out. I am going to get her back.. I am going to find Aaryn... I just have to get rid of Liam first..

Liam's POV

    "AARYN'S COMING TO LIVE WITH US!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

"Really?!" Niall says a little to enthused.

"Yes, now Our parents died last night by our crazy alcoholic obsesed uncle Jacob. The police informed me that he is in jail and won't be out for a while."

"That's terrible. How are you holding up?"

"I'm fine we were never really close anyways.. they were always obsessing over Aaryn."

Our conversation ended when we heard a honk outdside. I ran outside with Niall close on my tail. "Why is he coming?" I think to my self.

Aaryn's POV

    I cried the whole way there. I just couldn't stop crying. Less than a block away from Liam's house, I stop crying and straighten up. Before Ky's car pulls  to a complete stop I jump out and run into Liam's arms. We stand there hugging for a good 5 minutes before I look up and see the cute blonde haired boy I have liked since the first day I came to visit Liam. I release from his strong grip and sniff and give Niall a hug.

     I am not going to leave his side. I don't want to lose him or Liam.

Niall's POV

       I was surprised she hugged me.. We haven't seen each other in ages. I returned the hug without hesitation. Man, her body is nice and warm. I just want to hold her and never let go. 

Liam's POV

     Why did she release from my grip and hug Niall? Is it... NO! I forbid my little sister to go out with ANY band members of mine. She is a year younger and now that our parents are dead and Uncle Jacob is in jail and he never married I am the only one responsible for her. If she gets hurt it would be all my fault. Nothing is going to hurt my little sister... 

Aaryn's POV 

    I release from Niall's grip, by the time I get done hugging Niall I feel better. I go to Ky's car, she is on her phone playing Azkend. 

"KY!!" I yell at her. 

She looks up startled. "DANG YOU AARYN HOPE PAYNE!!! You mad me mess up my last move and now I lost the game!" 

I laugh "Whoops!" 

Ky and I take my things to my room. Liam's house is HUGE. I got lost a couple times. That gives me an idea!

"Heyy big bro!!!!" I say a little TOO sweet

He rolls his eyes "What do you want?" He replies annoyed

"Whatttt? Nothing.." I say while my voice cracks "Fine.. Can Ky stay awhile. You have TONS of room. Ky?"

"Yea?" She said surprised

"Didn't you tell me that your parents are allowing you to move out?" 

"Yea..." She said confused

"Well just live here with me. You know me best besides Liam. Plus you are my other half" I finish up saying while smiling

She replies with hope in her eyes and and a bright smile 

"I guess she could... IF she behaves and sleeps in your room" 

"YAY! I'll go get my stuff be back later k Air!" 





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